Weekly WOD insights 6/8/20


If Burpees aren’t your strong suit, I would advocate doing the down up. It will still give you a good cardio stimulus without the limitation of pressing strength. The finisher should be short and sweet. You should be bel to hit it at a good intensity with the 2 minute rest.


A.) 8 Minute time cap 
30 Dumbbell snatches 45/25 (50/35) or 20 Barbell Snatches 75/55
30 Down ups (adv Burpees)
20 Dumbbell snatches 45/25 (50/35) or 15 Barbell Snatches 75/55
20 Down ups (adv Burpees)
10 Dumbbell snatches 45/25 (50/35) or 10 Barbell snatches 75/55
10 Down ups (adv Burpees)


-2 minute rest-


at min 10
B.) 4 rounds
200m Run
14 sit ups (Single leg v-ups) (Tuck ups or V-ups)
20 Dumbbell toe taps or 15 Double unders (30) (50)


Strength Option 
Back or Front Squat (30X2) *Building from last weeks load with the removed pause from the bottom*
4x 4
Tempo reads: 3 seconds down, no pause at the bottom, explode up, 2 second pause at the top


I know a lot of you are limited by equipment so I wanted to give you lots of options in hopes that you do have something available to you guys. For Part B try to be fast about getting into and out of your static holds. The faster you are in and out of those, the faster you can get through the conditioning. If you have a dumbbell and feel funky doing the dumbbell swing, you can opt for dumbbbell snatches if you did not do yesterdays workout.


A.) 6 Minute alternating EMOM
1- 8-10 ea side single arm dumbbell press or Z press
2- 6-12 Trx rows/ Ring rows/ Pull ups/ Barbell rows/ Banded rowDumbbell high pull


B.) 5 rounds 
14 Russian Kb swing or Single arm DB swing
15 Air Squat


*Starting at 0 and every 1:30 after that, perform a :20s static midline hold*


Static midline options (progressing in difficulty)
Forearm plank


One thing I have done in my training for a while is blending some more strict, lifting movements into a met con. It’s a nice way to change things up and add in a differnet element to your conditioning. That being said you still want to take a more controlled approach with the row movements.


18 Minute amrap 
5 Down ups or Burpees

8 Bent over Dual DB rows or 8 ea side bent over single arm row 

15 Double unders or 45 singles or 10 Lateral Hops over object
10 Down ups or Burpees

8 Dual DB bent over rows or 8 ea side bent over single arm row <

15 Double unders or 45 singles or 10 Lateral Hops over object
15 Down ups or Burpees
8 Dual DB bent over rows or 8 ea side bent over single arm row 
15 Double unders or 45 singles or 10 Lateral Hops over object
200m Run or 250/200m row


*After run go back to beginning and ascend again*


Strength option 
Every 90 seconds for 15 minutes *If you did last weeks, try to build from those loads*
2 snatches or Cleans
-Rest 3 minutes after last set-
B.) Snatch or Clean singles 
4 reps at finishing weight for Part A


Wanted to work in a bit of interval training so we got some interval work for the cardio. Push yourself but but do keep in mind you do have a separate part B! For the single DB squat clean you can bring the dumbbell down between your feet. If you opt for the KB squat cleans you do not have to go all the way back to the ground, just down to the hips like a KB swing.


A.) 6 rounds 
200m Run or 250m Row
-Rest 1 minute between rounds-


*Rest 2 minutes before starting B*


B.) 14-12-10-8-6-4-2
Sit ups (Single leg v-ups) (Tuck ups or V-ups)


A couple single leg strength options for you guys to to choose from. I personally like the skater squats, especially if you are restricted in terms of equipment. They are also a great way to build up to a pistol if that is a personal goal. For the amrap you can do a heavier overhead carry than you normally do for other movements. If you have access to a heavier DB or KB don’t be afraid to give it a shot!


A.) Alternate every 90 seconds for 6 sets total (7:30) 
1- 6-10 ea side DB split squat/ Counterbalance skater squatsBulgarian Split Squats
2- :40s-1min static midline


B.) 12 Minute Amrap 
12 Box jumps or 20 lateral hops or 20 Double unders
30 Russian Twists
100 ft (50 ft ea arm) Single arm DB or Kb overhead carry or Barbell overhead carry
Static midline options 
Side plank


Strength option 
Build from last weeks loads if you did these movements 


A1.) Barbell Strict press 
3x 5 reps


A2.) Bent over barbell row 
3x 8 reps


3x 8-10 ea side


Kea is opting for a nice lunchbox carry here. Never be afraid to get creative with your training, especially during these times!
With a lot of us not having a Barbell or lots of equipment available we usually don’t get to do workouts that involve cycling movements but I think this workout is a great way to get some of that in. You can even do a single Dumbbell version, and it it will still be very effective.


For time
3 cycles of Barbell or DB Complex
30 down ups or burpees
3 cycles of Barbell or DB complex
800m Run
2 cycles of Barbell or DB complex
20 Down ups or burpees
2 cycles of Barbell or DB complex
400m Run
1 cycles of Barbell or DB complex
10 Burpees
1 cycles of Barbell or DB complex
200m Run


1 cycle barbell Complex 75/55 (95/65) (115/75)
5 Deadlifts
5 Power Cleans
5 Shoulder to overhead


1 cycle dual DB complex
5  DB S2O


1 cycle single DB complex


A.) 6 rounds 
:30s Goblet lunges or Barbell Lunges or Jump Lunges 
:30s Push ups
:30s rest


-2 Minutes of rest-


B.) 6 Rounds 
:30s of Jump rope (doubles or singles)
:30s Goblet squats or Wall Balls
:30s rest