Weekly WOD Insights 6/15/20


Today is going to be fairly warm so if you are planning on running the mile today, be prepared for a bit of heat. Be sure to hydrate before and after your workout. Don’t get too down on yourself if you find that you didn’t match or beat your previous PR for the mile, the heat can play a big role!

Get out there and get after it. Remember, stay hydrated!

@ min 0
A.) 1 Mile run or 2k time trial


@ min 14
B.) 8 minute amrap
14 Dumbbell Snatches 45/25 (50/35) (Alt 50/35)
16 Single leg V-ups (adv 12 tuck ups) (beef 12 V-ups)


I wanted to give you guys a little mobility work for the first part of the workout since I know its often the neglected portion of peoples fitness. Even just getting in two rounds of these movements would be really helpful for your shoulders. If you’re like me and find yourself sitting more than ever, these would be great exercises for you to hit on a regular basis as they will help get you out of that forward posture. For Part B I want people to just perform the row part of the renegade row, and cut out the push up. I have linked a video example to show how I want it to be done. This version will maximize the effectiveness on your midline.


Do your shoulder mobility exercises and one day you too could have Gumby shoulders like Danielle.


A.) Shoulder Health Circuit 
2-3 rounds

– 6 infinity hovers 


B.) 16 Minute alternating EMOM 
1- Max down ups (Burpees) (Strict burpees)
2- Max Suitcase lunge 45/25 (adv 50/35) (Beef Overhead lunge 50/35)
4- Max Jump rope (double or single unders)


For the squats I want people to double the reps they are supposed to be doing since its a fairly fast movement. If your heart is absolutely set on doing goblet squats, you can do those with whatever KB or DB you are using for the swings.


2x Air squat (Adv Jumping air squat) (Beef Goblet squat)
Russian Kb swing or Single arm dumbbell swing
Tuck up or V-up


Todays workout will have dumbbell movements that go through decreasing complexity as you go through the workout. My intent with this is to allow you to keep moving at a fast pace the entire time. If you only have a kettlebell at your disposal, you can still do the workout with all KB versions of each movement.


-Run 400m or row 500/400m-


4 Rounds 
12 Dumbbell Snatches 45/25 (50/35) (alt 50/35) (10 Barbell Snatch 75/55)


-Run 400m or row 500/400m-


4 Rounds
14 Single arm dumbbell hang clean and jerks 45/25 (50/35) (12 BB C and J 75/55)


-Run 400m or row 500/400m-


4 Rounds 
16 single arm dumbbell power cleans 45/25 (50/35) (14 Power cleans 75/55)
20 Lateral hops over the dumbbell


                    If you’re feelin a little down heres a picture of Honey 😃


For todays WOD you’re gonna have to be movin on the buy in portion if you want to have a decent amount of time on the burpees. Or maybe you take your sweet time and do less burpees 😏. Either way, your score for today will be your total burpees that you get across all 7 rounds. The russian twists for today should be kept to bodyweight or a fairly light weight. You should be able to move through them fairly fast.


7 Rounds 
2 Minute clock
8 Air squats
20 Russian twists
8 air squats
20 russian twists
-In time remaining-
Max Down ups or Burpees
-Rest :30s between rounds-


*Keep running count for burpees, that will be the score*


                                          Thumbs up if you like burpees!


If you guys are rockin the single DB movements then try to have a game plan of when you want to break up the reps. For todays carries, ideally they would be done with two dumbbells or one dumbbell + kettlebell, but if you only have one of those things you can opt for a single arm carry as long as you maintain good position like this .  Also hope you guys enjoy a little bit of Kansas🎶


-200m Farmer/odd object carry- (1 min out, 1 min back)


3 Rounds 
16 Single Dumbbell Squat Clean 45/25 or 10 Barbell Squat cleans 95/65
25 Double unders or 75 singles (adv 35) (Beef 60)


-600m run or 750/500m row-


3 Rounds 
16 Single arm Dumbbell thrusters 45/25 or 10 Barbell Thrusters 95/65
25 Double unders or 75 singles (adv 35) (Beef 60)


-200m Farmer/odd object carry- (1 min out, 1 min back)


              Heres a little throwback for you long time sweat shoppers!


Nice little Sunday pump sesh. For the weighted push ups I find its easiest to just load up a plate on the back, or if you have a vest you are more than welcome to use that. If you have a pull up bar, you are more than welcome to use it, just scale the reps to something you can manage in no more than 2-3 quick sets each time.


“Who says Vanity workouts cant be functional?”
17 Minute Amrap 
200m run or 250/200m row
14 tuck ups (beef v-ups)
12/9 Push ups (adv weighted push up)
10 Ring rows/TRX rows/ Banded Rows/ Single arm DB rows (ea side)
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