Multitasking Fail

I typically draw inspiration from my life when sitting down to write the blog. This is one such blog post. Please, join me, on a walk down memory lane while I tell a tail of epic fail proportions.

The other day, waking up feeling exceptionally full of vim and vigor, I woke up before my alarm. With the morning to my self (baby still sleeping), I decided to get after it and GSD (Get….ummm Stuff Done). I decided to go though my kitchen cabinets and purge them of excess clutter. Random, but I LOVE getting rid of stuff! While decluttering, I was also engaging I some seemingly light multitasking. Answering emails, replying to texts, making coffee, meal prepping…you know, the usual. I decided I wanted to make a batch of peppermint tea ahead of time so I could refrigerate it and have it cold. I filled up my electric kettle and placed it hastily on the stove and turned it on high. Yes, the electric kettle should go on the electric base that was provided, but in my absent minded, overly multitasked state, I threw it on the burner and went out to the garage to declutter my car. I came back to the kettle in flames, plastic melted everywhere. I managed to put out the small fire (YAY!) and was immediately convicted that while a degree of multitasking may at times be helpful, overly multitasking can literally be dangerous.

In closing, what if we slowed down, stopped doing so much and enjoyed each task? What would that look like? Paolo Cardini does a quick and funny talk on mono tasking, take a watch….and try not to multitask while doing so.