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Weekly WOD Insights

Monday Memorial Day Murph! Check out why we do “Murph” on Memorial Day here. If you plan on doing Murph make sure you get there early to warm up as it will most likely take you close the the full hour. The other workouts programmed for today are similar with far less volume. “Murph” 1 Mile […]

Moving Frequently

Exercise is important, I think we can all agree on that. Frequent movement is another ball game. If you’re like many a 9-5er, you know that that hour of CrossFit is essential to your physical and mental well being. But let’s take it a step further. Parlaying off of DJ’s post about steps, moving frequently […]

Podcast Recommendation

I’m a huge fan of informational podcasts and I’ve recently been loving the Primal Blueprint podcast. I’ve referenced Mark Sisson, creator of the podcast and Primal Blueprint, on the blog before. I really enjoy his take on wellness in general and this podcast has a wide variety of topics pertaining to overall health and wellness. The podcast has […]

Weekly WOD Insights 4/23

Monday Compare this workout to 1/11/18. The first portion of this AMRAP is all about the run. The power cleans should be light and something you are comfortable with cycling through. The second portion, or AMRAP, is where we will pull your score from. You’ll want to move quickly on the runs but not so much […]

Multitasking Fail

I typically draw inspiration from my life when sitting down to write the blog. This is one such blog post. Please, join me, on a walk down memory lane while I tell a tail of epic fail proportions. The other day, waking up feeling exceptionally full of vim and vigor, I woke up before my alarm. With […]

Feel the Rhythm

I did a post on circadian rhythms a few years back and was recently reminded of how’ in today’s world, we can easily throw our rhythm out of wack. On the hunt for better sleep, and increased energy, I started paying attention to when I was letting blue light in after dark. I soon realized […]

Weekly WOD Insights 3/26

Monday We’re going to get some position work in today with snatches from the hang. For the hang, we first deadlift the weight up, establish full hip extension, and then take our lift anywhere from the hip crease to the knee. Check out this video for a demo of a Hang Squat Snatch. If mobility […]

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18.4 Highlight Vid!

Great job Sweat Shoppers! Another outstanding round of performances in the books for 18.4! The combo of deadlifts, handstand pushups/pushups and walks were brutal for sure. It was awesome watching a lot of you go for your first handstand pushup! We’ll see what Castro cooks up for us this final week. I hope you enjoy this […]

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18.3 Highlight Video

18.3 is in the books, this was a fun workout to watch for sure! Great job to everyone who competed this past week and a big shout out to those of you who worked hard on getting those muscle ups. Whether you got a muscle up or not, the effort and atmosphere in the gym was amazing! […]