Jacqueline and Monique Finish Top 10 in the World!

Big Congrats to Jacqueline and Monique, who we had representing the Shop this past week at the 2018 CrossFit Games! It was a tough and grueling set of events but, more so than past years, I think this year, including the Open and Qualifier workouts, was the best test of overall skill set at the Games. There were heavy workouts, a longer running event, it tested advanced skills like muscle ups, handstand walks, rope climbs and added new challenges that I’m sure were the first real “competitive” exposure to the masters athletes like yoke carries and ski ergs. Not to mention, the always gnarly open water swim!

When it was all said and done, Jacqueline finished 5th overall in the 55-59 age group and Monique finished 9th overall in the 50-54 division. It was amazing to see how much work these ladies put in and how this work rewarded them with the title of top 10 in the world in CrossFit in their age group! When you think of the increasing number of participants worldwide, the level of competition, and increased difficulty in tasks asked of them each year, this was for sure an amazing accomplishment and both should be very proud of themselves. Great work!

I can say much about each of their individual accomplishments at the Games like Mo’s open water event domination and gritty finals, or Jacqueline with the smoking event wins on the barbell along with gymnastical improvements, but what stood out to me most was seeing these two amazing athletes, who have their own individual aspirations, bond as a “team” through this experience. As the one who has coached them and seen them grow over these past years, MO the last 2 and Jacqueline the last 4, this was a really special Games to see how, while not necessarily a choice of their own, how much you can learn from and push yourself simply by having someone you know, been training with, and go through those same competitive emotions alongside you. These two are almost polar opposites in terms of skill set. However, Jacqueline’s strength, power, and Games experience meshed perfect with Mo’s endurance, grittiness, and first timer EXCITEMENT. In training, each were held accountable by knowing to hold their own on what they were good at, but also trying to keep up with the other on what they weren’t strong at. I think this really paid dividends at the Games. Seeing them get pumped for each other after each of their wins and when it came down to each of their stressful events, they kept each other level headed and in the game the whole week. It truly made my work easy! Anyways, this is getting quite long, but it was hard to capture everything in one post. Be sure to ask them about it as you’ll want to hear from them more than I!

Great work, Jacqueline and Mo! You made me super proud and couldn’t be more pumped to have you two represent so well on the grandest stage. Cheers to the whatever the future holds to this power team! Sweat Shop Swag!

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  • Tara Swarts

    August 12, 2018 @ 8:03 pm

    So proud of both these women for their dedication and perseverance to train year round for these 4 days, but my hats off to u JB. U are without a doubt a fantastic coach. We are all so fortunate to have u at the Sweat Shop!!!

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