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I snagged a listen to this podcast on Emotional IQ after USA Olympic lifting coach, Cara Heads Slaughter, posted it on her social media page. Without copy catting every thing she posted, I think it’s worth the short listen as I really think it resonates to all. A LONG time ago on the old Sweat Shop blog, I posted about the concept of emotional intelligence from the book I was reading by Daniel Goldman.  In this podcast interview, the clinician gives light to four abilities that can help improve upon emotional intelligence and how harnessing them can help improve our health, home and work life, and for Sweat Shop relevance, improving as athletes and coaches. What I also liked from it was that although one might have more of these abilities innately, such with any skill, everyone has an ability to practice.

The 4 abilities to think about and how understanding this sequence makes it all come together.
1: Perceiving and expressing emotions: between the self and others
2. Using emotions to facilitate thought or memory
3. Understanding emotions: what they mean and how they affect us
4. Regulating or managing emotions in us and each other. **Great for athletes and coaches.

Here’s the link to the podcast. FYI, the first minute or so is a commercial.

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  • Jacqueline Janet

    December 6, 2017 @ 11:27 pm

    my emotion is, damn….too emotional lol

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