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Memorial Day Murph! Check out why we do “Murph” on Memorial Day here. If you plan on doing Murph make sure you get there early to warm up as it will most likely take you close the the full hour. The other workouts programmed for today are similar with far less volume.

1 Mile Run
100 Pull Ups
200 Push Ups
300 Air Squats
Alternative workout:
Rx’d: 5 Rounds
403m Run
5 Pull ups
10 Push Ups
15 Air Squats
Beefy: 5 Rounds
403m Run
5 Bar Muscle Ups
10 Handstand Push Ups
15 Jumping Air Squats
I wanted to get some solid position work in for the clean with an option to go up after the EMOM is over. I know I feel warmed up after a good EMOM session, so I want to give the option to go for a heavy 1rep. “Let’s GO!” The Double Unders should take around 20-25 seconds so scale accordingly.  Just like a Fight Gone Bad style, make sure you leave a little time before the start of double unders to grab your rope and get ready. The Shoulder to Overhead should be VERY light, ideally something you can do unbroken, especially in the beginning.

A.) EMOM for 12 minutes
1 Hang Power Clean + 1 Squat Clean
*Bonus 5 minutes after to go for 1RM

7 minute AMRAP
7 Shoulder to Overhead 95/65 115/75
7 Bar Facing Burpess
*Starting at 0:00 do 15 DU or 30 Singles at the top of each minute
**ADV do 30 DU
Part A has a 25 minute Clock. Make sure you take good amount of rest between lifts. Getting plenty of rest enables you to recover and go for a more maximal load. Don’t get CrossFitty on this. Grab a box or bench and sit between lifts.  Score is each lift on the whiteboard 5, 3 and 1. I tested out Beefy Part B, it took me 7:11 last week. It was a grip workout for sure, but the Single Farmers Carry offers some relief. If you’re not doing T2B choose the option (knees to chest or sit ups) that is MOST challenging to you.
A.) 25 minute clock
Front Squat
Go for heaviest for each lift.
Score will be the heaviest you did on each lift. (3 scores)
KB Swings 53/35 70/44 70/53
Knees to Chest or Sit Ups ADV T2B
1 70m Singe Arm Farmers Carry with (1) KB
11 Minute Cap
The power cleans should be moderately light. I would like to encourage you to go for box overs, barring no injuries. Grab 1 or 2 45 lb plates and try using them to jump over. I’ve found starting with a low target (if box jumps freak you out) builds confidence while also keeping the intensity at a higher level. #trysomethingnew
*Buy in: 800m Run
Then 4 Rounds
12 Power Cleans 95/65 (15 @ 115/75) (15 @ 135/95)
12 Box Jump Over
*Cash out: 800m Run
*ADV and Beefy Swap Run and ROW
For part A.) I wanted to give some time to work on dips. We don’t get a lot of Dip work in and in a workout often isn’t the easiest or most effecent way to work on them. For part B1., 2 Dumbells for the thrusters and 1 dumbell for the Snatch and Squat unless you’re doing Beefy (then its 2 also). Score is total number of reps.
A.) 8 min Dip Work: 5×7 of
Box/ Bench Dip
Ring Dip
Weight Ring Dip
B1.) 4 Rounds: EMOM: Max Reps
DB Thruster 45/25 50/35 55/40
Row/ Bike or Ski Cals
Rest 2 Minutes
B2.) 4 Rounds: EMOM: Max Reps
DB Snatch (same weight)
DB Squat (hold however) (Beefy: 2 DB)
ADV and Beefy start with B2
I wanted this to be a Chipper style AMRAP. This might sound like a broken record, but remember to break up the reps from the start. Developing your skill of pacing is key in doing NLS!!! (next level…stuff).
Scale the Double unders if needed to swap out for 60 singles instead. The deadlift weight should be light but not so light that you would want to go unbroken. I would say breaking 1 or 2 times would be perfect.
18 Minute AMRAP
20 Wall Balls (25) (30)
30 Double Unders (50) (60)
20 Deadlifts 135/95 (25 @ 155/105) (30 @ 155/105)
30 Hanging Knee Raises or Sit Ups (ADV 25 T2B Beefy 30)
Spoiler alert, we have a total of a mile here so plan accordingly. Pace out your 200s like you would pace a mile, its tempting to go ham in the beginning but keep in mind the pending volume. The lunges should be light so choose a weight you can easily move though. Last week we had lunges with a dumbbell, if you liked that option, go for that today. The Lunges and Burpess should go pretty fast, make sure you are breathing and keeping evenly keeled. Be sure to sprinkle in your extra work early so you don’t get bottlenecked at the end.
8 Rounds
200m Run
6 Lunges 95/65 115/75 Beefy OH Lunge
4 Bar Facing Burpees
@ some point do 2 (ADV 3) 70m Sled Pushes 45/25 70/45
@ some point do 4 rope climbs (ADV + Beefy 4 reg + 2 legless)
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