Moving Frequently

Exercise is important, I think we can all agree on that. Frequent movement is another ball game. If you’re like many a 9-5er, you know that that hour of CrossFit is essential to your physical and mental well being. But let’s take it a step further. Parlaying off of DJ’s post about steps, moving frequently is also key for your health.

This past week I had the luxury of vacationing in Hawaii. I got my CrossFit in at 7am (10am PST…perfect!) and then went back and got everyone ready for the beach. In between my bouts of shaded sun bathing (being a ginger has its downsides), I would randomly get up and go for walks or runs on the beach when I felt like it. I typically did 2 – 3 walks or runs a day on top of my morning CrossFit.

While I don’t have the time or means to do that everyday while back in reality, I realize that moving frequently helped with my energy levels and overall mood. (Maybe the beach had something to do with it also, but I digress).

One thing that always made me chuckle when I worked at a globo gym, was watching people drive around like crazy looking for a front row spot only to go in and get on the treadmill for 20 mins. It really doesn’t make any sense.

Find any opportunity in your day to move often, go for a walk to Philz (PT) or park in the back row at Costco, whatever gets you moving more and more often.

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