24 Hours With Rich Froning

For most people, an hour a day at their CrossFit gym is enough for them.  Others however aspire to make a living doing CrossFit.  Here’s what a day looks like for 4 time CrossFit Games champ Rich Froning, who now “just” trains to compete on the CrossFit Mayhem Team.  Thanks Chief Banks for the heads up on this article from Men’s Health.

We circled back around the whiteboard, and the conception of the day’s workout became a team effort. If you thought there was some carefully crafted plan of what muscle group a team of this caliber trains on each day, well, you’d be wrong. I’m told most days go a little something like this: Someone throws out an exercise. For our purposes, it’s Persevecz with the muscle-up. Then someone else says something about a sandbag. And a bench press….

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