Quadricep Recovery and 18.5 Video…..Almost!

In CrossFit we tend to use the squat fairly frequently, in a variety of forms. Whether it’s the air squat, back or front squat, squat clean or squat snatch, or wallballs, we see the squat show up a lot in CrossFit! This is with good reason, because it is one of the pillars of any functional movement training program. After a squat-heavy day, the knees get put through a pretty good amount of use. For me, this sometimes results in some knee soreness the next day. Nothing debilitating or alarming, just a little stiffness that lingers for a day or so. A couple of weeks ago I came across an exercise (check below) that I think serves as an active mobility/recovery exercise. It essentially works as a knee extension exercise, but only utilizing ones own bodyweight. You can feel it really stretching out the quads and loading them in a different fashion than our standard squat patterns. After doing this stretch after some of my squat intensive workouts I have noticed my legs and knees tend to feel better right after, and aren’t really sore the next day. I encourage you to give it a try if you run into a similar problem after squat heavy days. It is very important to only work in a range of motion that is comfortable for you (you do not need to go all the way down as shown in the video). It should feel like a good stretch, you should not be feeling pain while doing this stretch. If you need help with this exercise or have any questions feel free to ask about it!


So I was hoping to have the 18.5 video done by tonight, but unfortunately I was not able to put together a video I felt was complete. I have been working hard on it, but I want to make sure that I put out a product that I am satisfied with. The video is just not quite ready yet! So bear with me while I finish the video up and make sure that we end this years Open on a high note! It should be done by Friday so be on the lookout for it!