Anti-What? Anti-Rotation!


Hollow Holds

Dead Bugs

Sound familiar? The 3 exercises mentioned are great for improving core strength, thus the reason why we incorporate them in our weekly programming. Take a look at these exercises now…

Suitcase Deadlifts

Single Leg Dumbbell RDLs

Pallof Press

Some of these may not look so familiar right? These are examples of anti-rotation exercises for the core. So what are anti-rotation exercises?

Anti-rotation exercises are core movements where you have to focus on strength as well as stabilization. Essentially, an external force is trying to cause rotation in the midline but you are resisting that rotation. These exercises are great because the core is normally loaded in different planes, and is not always in an ideal position when we go through our daily functions. Since the core is responsible for bracing the spine for stability, it’s important to train the core in more ways than one. Without core strength, the body is uncoordinated and more susceptible to injury.

When performing any core exercise in general, its important to imagine pulling the belly button back into the spine in order to engage the transverse abdominis. The transverse is responsible for activating the core musculature and stabilizing the pelvis and low back prior to movement. Something to look out for when engaging your midline is noticing if there is a rise in the abdominal area when bracing. If so, this is how you know that the transverse is NOT engaged. In order to properly engage the muscles that protects your low back, it is crucial to pull the belly button in.

For some accessory anti-rotation exercises and some ideas on how to incorporate them into your daily routine, feel free to ask one of your coaches! Enjoy!

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