Month: February 2018

Cell Phone Ergonomics

When I took the Mobility and Movement certification a few years ago, I remember Kelly Starett being a total stickler for how we held our cell phones. He would come around and phyically adjust you if he found you to be in a less than optimal ergonomic position. DJ so kindly pointed out my own […]

Weekly WOD Overview

MONDAY Compare similar to: 1/28/14, 1/12/15, 11/8/16 Long grinder here. I made a slight modification in reps and weight for rx’d and adv this time to allow for more rounds and reps along with less standing around time. If you did advanced last time with ascending weights each round and you really want to try […]

Welcome Baby Jenson!

Congrats to Sweat Shoppers Martha and Allen who welcomed their beautiful baby boy, Jenson Kimber Lee, into this world! Jenson was born January 28th and a healthy 8lb 11oz. Mom and Dad are doing well embracing the first couple weeks of parenthood. We can’t wait to meet him and are super excited to have another […]

Change of Focus for Sustainability

JB and Rene both recently wrote great posts about mindful practices that can help you get the most out of your training. JB suggested utilizing self-ratings as a way of seeing if you are able to get the desired intensity out of your workouts. Rene wrote about using SMART goals when it comes to honing on a specific lift or skill. […]

Let it go

In the sport of fitness, there is a myriad of exercises and skills to work on and improve. However, trying to increase your 1RM back squat by 30 lbs, while also shaving 30 seconds off your mile time, might be a tough feat. Focusing in on one goal at time allows for the necessary physiological adaptions […]

Weekly WOD Insights 2/5/18

With mother nature dealing us some dry and unseasonably warm temperatures, we have more running than normal programmed for this time of year.  As always though, if you’d rather bike, row or ski, that’s always a perfectly good substitute! Skill Work We’ve allocated about 10 minutes before the workouts on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday […]

“Practice” Ratings

We’ve posted quite a bit on the importance of being more mindful and cognizant in training. In the grand scheme of things, having a solid mental grasp on your training can be what separates good from great athletes and can also be the difference maker in getting you over the hump on those long, sought […]