Weekly WOD Insights 2/5/18


With mother nature dealing us some dry and unseasonably warm temperatures, we have more running than normal programmed for this time of year.  As always though, if you’d rather bike, row or ski, that’s always a perfectly good substitute!

Skill Work
We’ve allocated about 10 minutes before the workouts on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday of this week to continue what we started on Saturday in regards to working on some progressions to help us with either muscle ups, handstand pushups, or handstand walks.  Sunday’s skill portion will include rope climb technique.

Leader Board
With the addition of several masters categories on our Sweat Shop Leaderboard, as well as the top two scores for every category, there are lots of spots on the leaderboard to fill!  This week you’ll have the opportunity to go for it on the 1 mile run, and the back squat!


Rx’d & ADV.
3 Rounds
603m Run (ADV. 800m Run)
10 Power Cleans 95/65 (ADV. 115/75 or Squat Snatch @ 95/65)
15 Wall Balls

3 Rounds
800m Run
10 Squat Snatch 115/75 (BEEF 135/95)
20 Wall Balls (BEEF 25)

This is a repeat workout from 12/26/17.  This time around however, rather than BEEF being the only version that has squat snatch, we’ve added a lighter snatch to ADV. and ADV+.  Choose one of these options if you are able to perform squat snatches, and you want to work on them in a WOD, but the weight of the BEEF version is a bit too heavy.  The power clean version is still going to produce really high intensity (possibly more than the squat snatch) and is the best bet for most people with a year or less experience in olympic weightlifting.


A.) Back Squat
*score sum of your three heaviest sets

B.) 9 min. AMRAP
10 KB Swings 53/35 (ADV. 70/44) (BEEF 15 @ 70/53)
10 Double Unders (ADV 25) (BEEF 40)
10 Hanging Knee Raise (ADV 10 Toes to Bar) (BEEF 15 T2B)

With a 5-3-1 format always recommend giving each set your all.  However, since it’s been quite some time since many of us have gone for a 1 rep max, it would be okay for the experienced lifters to take it easy on the 5’s and 3’s and save it for the 1’s.  For part B, if you struggle with double unders scale the rep count back to something you can complete in 45 seconds or less, even if it means you are doing singles with a double sprinkled in every few reps.  Also, if you are at the gym in the evening, ask me for some double under pointers… when it comes to teaching double unders I’ve given myself the name “The Double Under Whisperer”… just sayin’.


21 minute clock:
Buy In: 800m Run
then AMRAP
5 Pullup (ADV. 5 C2B) (BEEF 7 C2b)
7 Pushup (ADV. 7 Ring Dips) (BEEF MU to 7 Ring Dips)
9 Box Jump Over

@minute 14 run 403m Run
*pick up AMRAP where you left off
***Box Jump Overs change to Jumping Air Squats

This is a repeat from 2/1, 4/29, and 10/14/16.  As always, if you need to scale the pushups, use a box and get full range of motion, rather than going from your knees.  Among other things, this allows you to still work on keeping a good, solid body position, which is a fundamental part of a legit pushup.  Be smart, when these start getting tough, even though they are small sets of 7, break them up before reaching failure!



22 minute clock for parts A1. and A2.

A1.) 1 mile run (or 5K Bike, 2K Ski)

A2.) Work up to a 3 rep max deadlift

B.) 8 minute AMREP with a partner
1 person works while the other person holds a medicine ball.  Switch as often as you like.  Choose one of the following:
-Max Meters Sled Push Men30lbs./Women15lbs.
-Max Calorie Bike
-Max Calorie Ski
-Max Meters Sandbag Carry
-Max Meters Row (if all of the above are taken)

Part A is a repeat from 2/25/16 & 6/19/15.  If you want to run the mile but it’s too dark, just perform (4) 403m loops.  Whichever version you go with, try and push part A. as 22 minutes is a good bit of time to get it in, rest a bit, and then hit some deadlifts.  When we’ve done this format in the past, many people are shocked at how good the lift feels after their body is nice and warm from the run.  As for the deadlift, tap and go reps are fine, but if you really want this session to also improve your 1 rep max, you should instead go with at least 2 seconds of pause on the ground between reps.  As always, dropping each rep from the top is completely acceptable.  Part B. partner workout should be a fun/tough fun!  Simple and little skill means the potential for intensity is high.  Switch whose working as often as possible, most likely the work sets should get shorter in duration as the 8 minutes progresses.



A.) 2 Clean & Jerks on the minute for 12 minutes
*BEEF:  5 Bar Facing Burpees + 1 Clean & Jerk on the minute for 12 minutes

15 Squat Clean Thruster 95/65
15 Bar Facing Burpee
30men/20 women Calorie Row (bike or ski)

30 Calorie Row (bike or ski)
15 Squat Clean Thruster 115/75 (BEEF 135/95)
15 Bar Facing Burpee

Make no doubt about it.  The better way to improve your clean & jerk technique is to simply do 2 reps on the minute.  The BEEF version is get practice cycling bar facing burpees and performing a moderately heavy clean & jerk in a potentially increasingly fatiguing state.  For part B. choose a weight that you can do all 15 reps as QUICK singles.



4 Rounds
403m Run
7 Pullups (ADV. 10 Pullups) (BEEF 20 C2B)
10 DB Snatch 45/25 (ADV. 15 Alternating @ 50/35) (BEEF 20 Alt. @ 50-55/35-40)
10 DB Lunge (ADV. 15) (BEEF 20 Overhead)

*complete (2) 70m sled pushes at any point during workout MEN(green+yellow) / WOMEN(green only)

While BEEF is the only version that dictates where to hold the DB during the lunge, those going Rx’d and ADV. should try to hold the dumbbell in one hand, rather than in the front with both hands, to provide some asymmetrical loading which can be beneficial to developing stabilizing muscles.  Holding the dumbbell with one hand at the side is good, at the shoulder is even better.  Sled weight should be really light for this one.



4 Rounds

Rx’d & ADV.
403m Run
15 Shoulder to Overhead 75/55 (ADV. 95/65 OR 10men/5women HSPU)
15 Box Jump Overs
1 Rope Climb (ADV. 2 Rope Climbs or 1 Legless or 1 Regional)

25 Cal Row
20 Shoulder to Overhead 115/75 OR 20 HSPU
15 Box Jump Overs
2 Regional Rope Climbs

Those going Rx’d or ADV. are welcome to sub the 403m Run for 15 Cals on the Bike, Rower, or Ski.  While this is a repeat from 11/20/17, we’ve added the option of handstand pushup OR shoulder to overhead for ADV and BEEF to give an opportunity to train these in a workout, rather than just as a skill session.  However, given that the shoulder to overhead weight is (should be) light, if intensity is what you’re after, stick with the shoulder to overheads!

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