Month: March 2017

Strict with Strict Movements

6:00 Alt EMOM 1-8 Strict Pull Ups 1-8 Push Ups 8:00 Alt EMOM 1-8 Strict Handstand Push Ups :30 Hollow Hold 9:00 Alt EMOM 1-8 Strict Ring Dips 1-8 Strict Toes to Bar 1-8 Strict Chest to Bar Pull Ups As you may have noticed, each week we have been incorporating 1 or 2 of […]

17.3 Highlight Video

17.3 in is the books and I’m sad to see it go. This week was a fun one, not only to do, but to spectate and coach! Countless PR’s were being hit or matched all over the gym. The energy and excitement was unreal! Way to go everyone!! Check out the 17.3 highlight video and lets bring on 17.4!. […]

CrossFit Open Week 3 Update

With snatches and pullups in 17.3, Kanye’s Krew has finally taken a win for the week, and has also held on to the overall lead. It’s still however a really close race with only 78 points separating the 1st place team from 4th place team.  Shout out to all teams as we had fewer people […]


I think James may have done a post about this in the past, but between the last 8 years of blog posts and conversations I’ve had with him, things start to blend together, and without the old blog to reference, I can’t be sure……., so here’s my take. I should start by saying ever since […]

17.3 Announcement and Tips

Open week 3 was announced yesterday and we finally get a barbell! This week is very technical and requires dominance in both the squat snatch and pull-ups in order to make it far. For those of you who know the first or second weight are going to be a challenge for you, don’t fret! Think […]

Warning: Not CrossFit Related…kinda

If you have some time and would like to relax, unwind, laugh, not think about CrossFit/The Open…check out this video! It’s a dang good video, and it always makes me laugh/sing along! (no judgement please.) More importantly, I’m hoping the video serves as a reminder to enjoy the things that we are capable of doing/have. […]

17.2 Highlights

Great job to all the athletes who competed in this weeks open workout. With two weeks of the open down, we can’t wait to see what Castro has in store for us tomorrow! A big thanks to DJ for putting together this highlight video of 17.2, we hope you enjoy it! 17.2 Highlights from CrossFit […]

17.2 Intramural Teams, Regional, Masters and NorCal Team Update

With workout number 2 of the CrossFit Open comes a little shakeup in our intra-gym team competition!  Last weeks’ leader, Dragon’s Team One Tribe, finished 4th this week, and last week’s 4th place team, Joel’s Pain Cave Explorers, finished first this week! There were some people that had to drop out due to injury, others […]

Intramural Week 1

Chris G smashed 17.1! Great job on 17.1 everyone! It was a close battle but at the end of it, Team “One Tribe” took week 1. It’s a long five weeks and with each new week is a new challenge that each of you can showcase your strengths. It’s been super fun to watch you […]

And just like that… Hello 17.2!

And just like that…more dumbbells! Right off the bat this workout looks like quite the forearm burner, so might be smart to do what you can to limit any forearm lactic acid build up. Check it out… Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of: 2 rounds of: 50-ft. weighted walking lunge […]