17.4 Highlight Video


17.4 was 16.4. It was the much anticipated repeat workout in this years open. While it didn’t match the technicality of 17.3 or the engine requirements of 17.1, it presented a new array of challenges that I think the Sweat Shoppers rose to the occasion for. For people who performed the workout last year, it was a good re-test of our fitness and a lot of people were able to beat their score from last year! For people who were attacking it for the first time it introduced a form of pacing we had yet to see thus far in the open. One of the big surprises for me was watching people do what is normally a heavy deadlift for 55 reps, and then continuing on with the workout!

With that being said it was exciting to watch everyone attack the workout, whether it was a repeat effort, or their first time attacking it. I had the pleasure of putting together a highlight reel for 17.4 with the help of both Nabil and Rene, who gathered extra footage and pictures. I hope you all enjoy the video and be sure to tune in to the CrossFit games website today at 5 pm to catch the announcement of the final open workout. Lets get after this last workout and end this years open on a high note!




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