Month: July 2017

Skiing in the Alps

Although our new ski erg won’t really get you ready to hit the slopes, it’s a great new modality of exercise that you can incorporate into your workouts at the Sweat Shop. First off, Chris Grames just posted a nice little piece on ski erg technique on the Sweat Shop Members page so check it out […]

Fear Facing

I’ve learned a lot about celebrating little successes through watching my daughter Camille. She is naturally a cautious child, so I don’t worry much about her being reckless. I enjoy watching her from a safe distance while she figures out she can accomplish small feats. Today we are in Tahoe, and this was her first […]

CrossFit Variety

Ski season is over, but that just means a shift in activities.  One of the main things that initially drew me to CrossFit was the variety.  Not only variety in exercises day-to-day, but also many exercises that I hadn’t previously done before.  Over the years however, it seems my training became more focused on gymnastics […]

Rope Climbs

Here are a couple reposts on practicing rope climb wrapping and legless. In the first video, Lulu demos the traditional Spanish wrap and two versions of the Russian wrap. While many of you can practice these while hanging on the rope, the second video shows Joel and Lisa practicing these wraps while holding onto the […]

Make Your Effort Inspire Others

“I want my effort to inspire others.” A simple phrase that I came across a couple of days ago that really got me thinking, so I wanted to share some of my thoughts with all of you! Full effort, what does it really mean to give your best/full effort towards something? Is it just going through […]

Featured Athlete: Stephen G.

  If you come to the gym in the afternoons or Saturday mornings you’ve no doubt seen Stephen.  Otherwise there’s a good chance you’ve seen his log book being held for ransom by the coaches after he forgets to put it away… perhaps taped to the rig, the underside of a plyobox, by the tiki, […]