Fear Facing

I’ve learned a lot about celebrating little successes through watching my daughter Camille. She is naturally a cautious child, so I don’t worry much about her being reckless. I enjoy watching her from a safe distance while she figures out she can accomplish small feats. Today we are in Tahoe, and this was her first time going in the lake. She held on to my hands with a strong death grip and was frozen with fear when I let go. It took some coaxing, but eventually she took a step on her own. Her face was lit up with excitement as she conquered her fear. After that, there was no stopping her, she was having a blast in the water! I’m constantly reminded to give her opportunities to step out of her comfort zone. It made me reflect on by own risk taking. Where are some areas that I have been exhibited by fear? I can think of a few. What are some things that may be holding you back out of fear, and what is possible if you just let go? You might find that you’ll have a blast too!!

Camille having fun and feeling comfortable in the water

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  1. Jacqueline Janet
    Jacqueline Janet says:

    As a parent, there were certain disadvantages I did not want my daughter to experience. One of those, was fear of the water. From infancy I had her in the pool. I sat on the pool deck for many years watching her do laps. All those years I avoided the water for myself. Once I started crossfit, I made a little effort for fear it would show up at the GAMES. Well, here I am, no avoiding it now!! Attack this weakness like all others.


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