CrossFit Variety

Ski season is over, but that just means a shift in activities.  One of the main things that initially drew me to CrossFit was the variety.  Not only variety in exercises day-to-day, but also many exercises that I hadn’t previously done before.  Over the years however, it seems my training became more focused on gymnastics and weightlifting.  While those two things certainly improved, I often question how diverse my training really is.  The pegboard, yoke and now ski erg were all purchased to gain inspiration, and increase the diversity in our training…. but don’t forget to look outside the Sweat Shop for diversity too! (this is just as much a reminder for myself).  Whether it be swimming, playing basketball with Marko next door at 24-hr Fitness, or for those that road bike, hitting a group ride with Joe Siino (Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings).  Keep the body and mind fresh and healthy!  Lastly, at the expense of sounding cliche, read over Greg Glassman’s “World Class Fitness in 100 Words”.  If you’ve got other ideas for fun activities inside or outside of the gym, let us know!


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