Rope Climbs

Here are a couple reposts on practicing rope climb wrapping and legless. In the first video, Lulu demos the traditional Spanish wrap and two versions of the Russian wrap. While many of you can practice these while hanging on the rope, the second video shows Joel and Lisa practicing these wraps while holding onto the pull-up bar. This is a much easier option for learning the footwork, as grip is less of a factor. The last couple videos show legless rope climbs. Try these out! If you need help with these or help setting up the rope for practice, ask the coaches!

Rope Climbs w/ Lulu from CrossFit Sweat Shop on Vimeo.


Practicing the wraps with rope tied to pull-up bar….

Legless Rope Climbs
I will do a couple posts on these later because I think there are a bunch of different styles and techniques that people can use to cater to their weakness. However, I wanted to show you the difference between a good “hand over hand” method with good rhythm of the legs, and one without. Legless requires a ton of upper body strength and once you establish this in training, the legs will start to make more sense.

Hand-Over-Hand (Good Upper Body Strength and Leg rhythm)

What hand over hand looks like with less than optimal leg rhythm…

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