Make Your Effort Inspire Others

“I want my effort to inspire others.”

A simple phrase that I came across a couple of days ago that really got me thinking, so I wanted to share some of my thoughts with all of you!

Full effort, what does it really mean to give your best/full effort towards something? Is it just going through the motions even if you’re not feeling up to it (technically that’s considered effort), or is it more about diving all in with a positive/strong attitude in hopes to succeed despite the risk of failing? Well, let’s all go with the latter statement! Now, let’s dive into it a little more and talk about failing. There is always a risk of failure (big or small) that effects how much effort we really put into anything such as a workout, new skill, work, school, etc. Failing is scary, trust me I understand, but it’s necessary if we have hopes to truly achieve our goals. Be honest and ask yourself if the fear of failing has stopped you from achieving something you really wanted. I know it’s stopped me dead in my tracks at one point or another. So it’s ok, it happens to everyone. But here’s why that phrase up above really resonated with me, despite the risk of failure, one’s effort can truly inspire others to be brave, overcome their fears of failing, and truly give their full effort in return! If you fail it’s ok, fail with grace and accept it! I enjoy failing because it keeps me going and I never stay content. I stay hungry! But even by failing, others see your effort (wether you recognize it or not, they do!) and it can really inspire them! Don’t get me wrong, people see your half-a**ed effort as well and that can have the opposite effect of what we want. You don’t have to be a regionals or games athlete to inspire others, every day I’m inspired by the full effort all of you put in day in and day out at the Sweat Shop. Here’s some folks that have inspired me as of late by their effort….

Marcus. Marcus has set out to accumulate as many muscle ups as possible for the month of July. After every workout I’ve done with him, he is always up on those rings doing a HUGE set or two of muscle ups. And just by doing that, he got me up off my tired butt and onto those rings! #muscleupinspiration

Cole. The perfect example of how giving your full effort towards something can inspire others. Not many of you know, and I’m sorry to put Cole on blast, but Cole was time capped during 17.5 because of his double unders. So what did he do next, before every class (even before 6am) he is in the corner outside doing a pre-wod wod with double unders! Look at him now, he’s crushing workouts with double unders! #inspiredtokeepgrinding

Danielle. Muscle up practice, after muscle up practice, after muscle up practice!!! Full effort every time! Learning the advanced skill of muscle ups comes with it’s fair share of failures, trust me, I’ve been there and even still fail a ton! But having the courage and will power to continue to give your full effort to achieve a goal is what it’s all about. Failing and all! #persevere

All you ladies who are working out and pregnant. Enough said. #inspired

That’s just a small sample of some folks who inspire me whether they realize it or not, but if I kept going this blog post would never end!!!

At the end of it all, what I’m trying to get at is give your full effort towards your workouts, work, school, learning new skills, relationships, and so in. There’s always a risk of failing, so fail with grace when it happens. But make your effort inspire others!

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  1. Jonathan Klein
    Jonathan Klein says:

    Thanks Marko. This is great. It made me think of two things. One is that among the zillion reasons I do Crossfit is to inspire my family by setting an example to lead a healthy life. The second is that as s relative newbie (18 months) at Crossfit I fail * a lot*. It has been good for me in an unexpected way in that it has really forced me to check my ego at the door and devote myself to learning.


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