WOD Overview 3/2/20


 We’ve been experimenting with several different variations, all with the goal of getting some longer workouts in, without them being a complete grinders where you find yourself staring at a barbell during the workout, or feel completely wrecked afterwards.  This is one we did at the end of January, so while fitness improvements in that short a time period may be minimal, it’s still an opportunity to see if simply being a bit more familiar with this format allows you to push a bit harder on either part.
*compare 1/28/20


26 minute AMRAP
Max Meters any machine or outdoor running
10 Dumbbell or KB Snatch (DB 45/25lbs.– KB 35/18) (ADV. 12@50/35 or KB 44/26)  (BEEF 12@55+/40+ or KB 53/35)
8 Box Jump Overs (ADV. 10)
8 Hanging Knee Raises or Alternating V-Ups (ADV. 6 Toes to Bar) (Beef 8 Toes to Bar)


For part B. if you don’t have any desire to walk on your hands, the 70 meter dumbbell farmer carry is going to be a perfect option for you.  It will keep your heart rate up and you don’t have to worry about trying to negotiate a squat clean when your dizzy.  However, if one of your goals is to work towards handstand walking consider a wall walk with a few shoulder taps, or if you have a few feet of handstand walking, even a short handstand walk each round.  Given the time domain of this workout though, I don’t recommend spending more than 45 seconds on handstand walking (or wall walks) each round.


A.) Front Squat
*ascending weights, score sum of 3 heaviest lifts

envious of Grant’s mobility? I can honestly say I am! Good news though, DJ offers a mobility class free for members. #ROMenvy
B.) 9 minute AMRAP
7 Squat Cleans 95/65 (ADV. 115/75) (BEEF 135/95)
70m Farmer Carry 45/25 (ADV. 50/35) (BEEF 70/50)
*optional HS Walk instead of Farmer Carry
7 Hang Squat Clean 135/95
20ft. Handstand Walk
———– – – –  – – –  – – – –


Lots and lots of ways to adjust this workout to what you want.  While we almost always enourage “mixing and matching” between Rx’d, ADV. and BEEF to suit your needs, here’s an example of us programming those options into the workout.  Keep in mind there’s always more options available then we could ever program, so just talk with your coach if you need a bit more guidance/personalization. 
4 Rounds for time:
7 Pullups (ADV. 6/4 C2B) (BEEF 10/8)
10 Shoulder to Overhead (95/65) (ADV. 115/75 or 603m Run) (BEEF 115/75 AND 603m Run)
12 Deadlifts
403m Run
4 Rounds for time:
12/9 C2B Pullups
12 Shoulder to Overhead 115/75
15 Deadlifts
603m Run
#TBT One way to identify an old CrossFit picture is to look at the shoes. #Prebook


For this workout make sure and choose a lunge weight that feels very light when you’re warming up.  Looking to get quite a few rounds here.  Beefy folks will get the intensity from volume rather than load.
18 minute AMRAP
12 Barbell Lunges 75/55 (ADV. 95/65) (BEEF 18 @95/65)
7/5 Pushups (ADV. 10/8 Pushups or Ring Pushups, or 6/4 Ring Dips) (BEEF 10/8 Ring Dips)
20 Double Unders or 50 Singles (ADV. 30 Double Unders) (BEEF 40 Double Unders)
@ min. 6:00 & 12:00 choose (1) grunt work
  Grunt Work Options
 200m Double MedBall Carry
200m Single D-Ball Carry
200m Heavy Punching Bag Carry
70m Sandbag BearHug Carry,
70m Yoke Walk
————– – – –  – – – – –  – –


For part B. it’s important that the calories you’re shooting for is not to aggressive.  It may be a good idea to time yourself before the workout, when your fresh, and see if you can hit the calorie number in less than 1 minute, and without pushing more than 80% effort.  With an attainable calorie rep, and strict pullups that also be completed in less than 1 minute it will allow you to go absolutely HAM on the barbell!
A.) EMOM 10 minutes
2 Clean & Jerk or 2 Snatch
ADV. 1 Clean & Jerk or 1 Snatch approx. 85% 1RM

B.) “Ham on a stick”
12 min. Alt. EMOM
Minute 1:  9/7 Bike Calories (BEEF 10/8)
Minute 2:  5 Strict Pullups (BEEF 7) (Bison 9)
Minute 3:  Max Reps Ground to Overhead 75/55 (ADV. 95/65) (Bison 115/75)
*score total number of GTO’s
——- –  – —————
grab your favorite partner, ANYBODY can throwdown on this workout!


2 Person Partner Workout
20 min. AMRAP
10 Wall Balls
8 Burpees
6 Box Jump Overs
split AMRAP however you choose, 1 person working at a time during AMRAP.
At minutes 5:00 & 13:00 one partner stops AMRAP to perform:
403m Run, or 400m Row or Ski, or 25/20 Cal Bike,… while other partner continues AMRAP alone, as soon as that partner is done with “cardio” he/she resumes AMRAP alone while other partner performs “cardio”.
When both are done w/ cardio resume partner AMRAP.
———— – ————


Here’s another one from January and another opportunity to compare your scores from last time, as well as another opportunity to work on technique during part A.  As for part B. try to stick to just one implement, either the sled, or the d-ball or sandbag over the shoulder (as long as the class size allows).  This is the best way to get a really good understanding of how a certain movement affects you personally.  As you better understand this, you’ll be able to better approach your workouts, and thus know how hard you can start out, knowing what a sled push is going to feel like, how it will affect your breathing/heartrate and how it will affect the other movements in the workout after being done 6 or more times. This is info you want get if you’re switching back and forth every other round.
*compare 1/12/20

 A.) 12 minutes to work up to a heavy 1 Rep Push Press or Push Jerk
B.) 15 minute AMRAP
10 Single Arm Dumbbell Hang Clean to Overhead 45/25 (ADV. 12@ 50/35) [Beef 12@ 55+/40+]
8 Hanging Knee Raises (Adv. 6 Toes to Bar) [Beef 9 T2B]
70m Sled Push or 6 D-Ball/Sandbag Over the Shoulder

*Sled weight( Rx’d 30lbs. men / 15lbs. women) (ADV.& BEEF 45/30)

Lots of things I like about this picture. Aside from capturing either a flesh eating zombie, or someone who just seconds earlier completed a nasty workout, this picture also reminds me of the good ‘ol days competing with my long time friend Aaron back when people still went to local CrossFit competitions to throwdown and have FUN!