Weekly WOD review 2/8/21


Guess who’s back, back again, high volumes back, tell your friends. We will be doing some higher volume sets this week since we haven’t tapped into the high volume area in a while. While it can be rough during the strength session, and it generally leaves a lasting soreness, training high volume from time to time is very beneficial in terms of strength gains. Todays finisher is a spin off of Open Workout 12.3. I particularly remember this one because I think I got 3 rounds done in about 2 minutes…..and then proceeded to drag my butt for the remaining 15 minutes. The original version is 18 minutes, so a good deal longer, but the movements are the same as todays. Its a combination that can sneak up you very fast if you don’t pace it correctly, so believe me, you’ll want to pace it! Todays beefy reps are the rep format from 12.3.


If you’re looking for the secret that will bring you to the top then look no further. You’re getting a first hand glimpse into what the diet of an elite level CrossFit athlete looks like.


A.) Back Squat/ Front Squat/ Deadlift


B.) “12.3 Lite”
9 Minute amrap 
9 Box Jump (12) (15)
12 Push press 75/55 (95/65) (115/75)
9 Sit ups/tuck ups/v ups or Hanging knee raises (Adv 6 T2B) (9 T2B)


Strap in folks, we are in for some cardio. I really enjoy interval training, even if the rest is pretty minimal. It gives you just enough time to collect yourself and get after the next round. Feel free to mix and match cardio if you’d like to change it up. I would encourage you to try and keep track of your round splits and see if you can stay consistent across the board!


6 Rounds (Beef Cardio option: 7 rounds)
200m run or row or AB 12/9 cals
15 Russian KB swings 53/35 (Adv 70/44) (Beef Am swing 70/44)
10 Down ups (Adv Burpee)
200m run or row


-:30s rest between rounds-



I got to experience how confused everyone was (including myself) with the Cholula amrap a couple weeks ago, so I thought I would give another hot sauce a try. I think today will be a bit more simple as you will only have machine activities mixed in with your sriracha. Todays front squat weight should be something you’re able to do mostly unbroken. My advice for the machine work is to pick a pace you are confident in holding on the second and third time you are on it. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement when you are fresh, but having a game plan in place before you get going can get you a much better time, and  better overall workout. Be sure to band up for pull ups if needed, or opt for the core movement in place of the pull ups.

Which hot sauce reigns supreme? Our resident salsa connoisseur Rolando can surely weigh in on the subject. And he dresses like this every day to prove how serious he is about his food game!


For time
80/60 Cal row or 60/40 Cal bike
3 rounds of sriracha
60/40 Cal row or 40/20 Cal bike
3 rounds of sriracha
40/20 Cal row or 20/10 cal bike
3 rounds of sriracha


8 Front Squats 75/55 95/65 115/75 or DB 40-45/20-25
4 Pull ups (7 pull ups or 4 C2B) (Beef 2/1 BMU) (Bison 4 BMU) or 8 reps of Core


Core options
-Sit ups
-Tuck ups
-Single leg/regular V ups




5 rounds 
Run 403m
16 Dumbbell snatch
10 Double unders or 40 singles (Adv 25) (Beef 50 DU)


At some point
Rx’d/Adv perform two 70m farmer or odd object carries

Beef perform one 200m farmer or odd object carry




My intention with the clean pulls is to allow you all to get some practice in staying over the bar in the pull, and to hone in on your contact point. I would say issues with those two things are the more common faults you’ll find in cleans. Rather than trying to work on technical aspects in a full clean, you will have the opportunity to work on them in a more simple movement in the clean pull. Check the video below and see how even at world record weights, technique is still very much present.  If you know me, then you know I love me a good music festival. The finisher will have preparatory work to get your fist pumping muscles nice and prepped. Even if you don’t have ambitions of being back out on the dance floor someday, it will still be a very effective workout. Oh and it might show up int the CrossFit Open since Dave Castro announced there will be a 50 pound dumbbell being used;)


12 Minute Emom 
Clean Pull + 2 Cleans


Adv Barbell Complex option
12 Minutes to find heaviest Complex weight 
1 Hang clean (Above Knee) + 1 Hang clean (just below knee) + 1 clean
*Cannot drop bar once complex has started*


“EDC 2021 prep”
4 rounds 
15 Single arm dumbbell thrusters 45/25 (adv 50/35)
10 Burpees (Adv 15 Burpee)


Single arm DB thruster 50/35
Burpee over the dumbbell



Today is just a nice mover workout. You’ll have a lot of midline and lower body movements mixed in with some cardio. If you feel like you have some serious core strength, you can try your hand at some supersetting by choosing two core movements to do to really challenge your midline. Mixing in isometrics (static holds) with your normal training movements is a great way to increase the duration and intensity of your workout. Isometrics are generally a little more kind on the body as well, so you can do them more often without becoming super sore.


20 Minute alternating Emom 
1- Max Barbell Lunge 95/65 115/75 or 40/25 135/95 or 50/35
2- Static hold
3- Max cals any machine
4- Dynamic Core option


Static hold options
-Forearm Plank
-Side plank
-Hollow hold
-Sandbag hold
-Wall sit
-Handstand hold


Dynamic Core
-Sit ups
-Toes to bar
-Tuck up
-Single leg V-up/Regular V-up
-Russian twists


Thumbs up if you like core work!


4 sets
4 Minute clock
403m Run or 500/400m Row or 20/16 cal Bike
9 Box Jump over
12 Air Squat
-In time remaining max Power Cleans 95/65 115/75 135/95 185/125-
*Rest 1 minute between sets*
**Score total power cleans**