Weekly WOD insights 8/5/19

We have lots of equipment that doesn’t get an opportunity to works its way into our programming (the yoke, sandbag, d-balls) on a regular basis. These grunt work sessions are a great way for you all to try some different movements out! I would encourage you to try something new and if you don’t know the proper technique for the movement, ask a coach and we will gladly help you out! Check back to the compare similar date because its essentially the same workout as we did on that day!


*Compare to very similar 12/18/18*
A.) 3 rounds
2min work/ 1min of rest


Grunt work movements 
-D ball Cleans                               -Farmer Carry 140m
-D ball or sandbag Carry 70-140m    -Yoke Carry 70-140m
-Stone to Shoulder                        -Round Bag carry 200m
-Tire Flips                                – Sand bag cleans
-Max cal row


-Rest 3 minutes-


B.) 8 Minute Amrap 
10 Wall Balls (15) (20)
12 Single leg V-ups (adv 8 V-up or 6 toes to bar) (Beef 10 toes to bar)


*Adv and Beef start with Part B*


If you don’t feel comfortable doing lots of clean and jerks quickly in met cons, then look no further! Go ahead and stick with the Russian kettlebell swing. It will still yield great intensity and give you the desired effect from the workout. If you feel comfortable doing ground to overheads but the Rx’d weight is a little too heavy, go ahead and just do them at a lighter weight!


A.) Front Squat 


B.) 3 Rounds
2:30 Clock 
200m Run
10 Box Jumps (13) (16)
Max Russian KB swings 53/35 (adv GTO @ 95/65) (115/75) (135/95)


*Score will be total swings or hang cleans*
**clock continually runs, there is no rest period**


I thoroughly enjoyed you guys racking up a massive amount of burpees for JB to do when he gets back from Hawaii. A lot of people put up some impressive times….and then they repeated those times! I did also see an opportunity to refine rowing technique. Rowing is one of the movements that usually gets glossed over in CrossFit because its low risk and the fairly straight forward. But at the same time a little bit of technique improvement can go a very long way. And it would really just be minor technique tweaks, nothing crazy! Since there will be some opportunity to refine rowing technique in the first part of the workout I wanted to give you guys a chance to implement these technique pieces in a fatigued setting. Make no mistake the purpose for the rowing in the met con is still technique, thats why the row will not be scored. But again take that opportunity to refine your technique even further!


3x 8 reps


3x 10 each side

Don’t ghost this workout, be sure to make it in to work on that rowing technique!


A3.) Rowing technique work 
2x :45s of technique work


B.) 9 Minute alternating Emom
1- Row
2-Down ups (adv Burpees)
3- Deadlifts 95/65 (adv power clean 95/65) (115/75) (135/95)


*score will be Donw ups (burpees) + barbell movement*


If you have an appreciation for running (I do not fall in this category) then I would encourage you to do the longer runs in the workout! Even if you Rx or scale everything else, don’t be afraid to mix and match for best results 👌🏻.


A.) 6 min alternating Emom 
1- Anti-rotation
2- Handstand


B.) 4 Rounds 
200m Run (Beef 403m)
10 Front Squats 95/65 (adv 12 @ 115/75) (Beef 10 squat cleans @ 115/75)
Run 200m
12 Dumbbell snatches 45/25 (14 @ 50/35) (alternating 50+/35+)


at some point perform rope climbs
Rx’d- 3 Rope climbs
Adv- 4 Rope climbs or 2 regional
Beef- 4 Rope climbs (2 regular + 2 regional)


For the Emom feel free to squat or power your cleans. If you do plan on doing squat cleans don’t wait until the bar gets heavy to start squatting, definitely warm that pattern up before jumping into them squats! For the finisher my intent is for each sprint to be maximum effort. Doing all these sprints should still give you the same feeling of doing a very tough met con. If you don’t feel like you got a good workout….do a couple more sprints and sprint harder!!!


When you do your first sprint
A.) 12 minute Emom 
2 Cleans
Adv- 1 Clean


B.) Sprint Repeats (choose one) 


-5 sets of :15s assault Bike sprint


When you do your last sprint
-5 sets of :25s row Sprint


-4 sets of 70m Sled sprint 50/25 (75/50) (100/75)


*Rest :90s in between each sprint*
**keep track of each sprint time**


Im a huge fan of workouts that are formatted this way. You have three sections that on their own aren’t bad but put together it can be a tough workout. The other benefit of this workout style is that you will not get hung up on one thing. Every section is manageable so you feel like you’re always moving forward!


A.) 6 min alt Emom 
1- Anti-rotation
2- Pulling


3 Rounds 
8 Pull ups (adv 12 Pull ups or 8 C2B) (Beef 14 C2B or 6 Bar muscle ups)
10 Shoulder to overhead 95/65 115/75 (12 @ 135/95)
70m Farmers Carry ~40/20 ~50/30 ~70/50


-403m Run-


3 Rounds 
10 Burpees (adv 12 Bar facing) (Beef 14 Bar facing)
12 Barbell Lunges 95/65 (adv 115/75) (Beef 14 @ 135/95)


-403m run-


3 Rounds 
300m/250m Row (300m) (350m) or Assault Bike cals 13/10 (13) (15)
12 Deadlifts 95/65 (115/75) (15 @ 135/95)


*Adv and Beef start with row portion*
Feel free to brunch it up after todays WOD. Mimosas always taste better when you feel like you earned them!


A.) 6 min alternating emom 
1- Handstand/Pressing


For time
403m MB carry
20 Box Jump overs (adv 25) (Beef 30)
25 Wall Balls (Beef 30)
25 Kb swings 53/35 (70/44) (30 am swings @ 70/53)
403m Run (Adv + Beef 403m MB carry)
25 Kb swings 53/35 (70/44) (30 am swings @ 70/53)
25 Wall Balls (Beef 30)
20  Box Jump overs (adv 25) (Beef 30)
403m Run (Beef 403m MB carry)