Weekly WOD Insights 7/30/18

Before You Start Reading this don’t Forget to stay posted on all the CrossFit Games Action as we have TWO athletes (Mo and Jacqueline) competing at the games this week!!


I like starting the week off with simple workouts. Something that just kind of builds momentum for the rest of the week. The goal for this workout is to just keep moving at a nice consistent pace. There shouldn’t be too much of a hang up on any one movement in this one. The deadlifts should be fairly light, something you could get done in no more than two sets. If you decide to do the Beef version it will be more of a test of muscular endurance than the prescribed and advanced version, so if you want to maximize intensity just stick with the Rx’d and Advanced versions!

7 Rounds 
200m Run
5 Hanging knee raises or sit ups (Rxd+ T2B) (Adv 7 T2B)
6 Burpee Box Jump (Adv Burpee Box Jump Over)
7 Deadlifts 135/95   185/125   205/135
Beefy Version 
4 Rounds 
403m Run
14 Toes to Bar
12 Bupree Box Jump Over
12 Deadlifts   225/155


For Tuesday the EMOM format for Clean and Jerks is great if you want to get more volume in or are still getting the movement down. For people who want to lift a bit heavier you have the option of switching over to every 90 seconds at the 6 minute mark to allow for a bit more recovery. This extra recovery time should allow you to lift a bit more as I know the EMOM format for Clean and Jerks can get pretty gassy if you are going heavy. For Part B, I like the pairing of the two movements because they are both fast movements, which allows for good intensity. On Part B, Rx’d and Advanced people will go back to the 4’s and start ascending again after the set of 16, so you won’t hit a wall with muscle fatigue. For Beef folks, you’ll keep ascending to keep it more Open Prep style—so don’t fall into the trap of the rep scheme! Know that the first couple sets will go by relatively quick, so pace accordingly as this will allow you to keep moving during the higher rep sets.
A.)  12 min EMOM
2 Clean and Jerks or Snatches
Min 0-6 do 2 reps Every Minute on The Minute
Min 6-12 do 2 reps every 90 sec
B.)  8 Minute Clock
4-8-12-16 (After 16’s Start over at 4)       Beefy 5-10-15-20-25…. keep ascending
Dumbell Snatch    40-45/20-25   50/35   Alt. 50/35
Wall Ball


For the Back Squats there will be a strict 22 minute clock, so be sure to be efficient on your warm up sets and stay on task the entire time. If you know that you like a little extra warm up time for squats try to get to the gym early and do some extra mobility or start warming up before class. Beefy folks have the option to do some tempo squats. This is something I have been doing a lot recently in my training and have enjoyed. Know that if you do the tempo squats you will have to go a little lighter than your normal weight for 5’s! If you do decide to do the tempo option have someone else count the seconds for you. Your 3 seconds with weight on your back and real 3 seconds are much different….trust me. For part B you’ll notice there is some built in rest. This is another thing I have been using in my training for about the past month and I have found it allows me to really concentrate on quality of movement as opposed to just always just focusing on going as fast as possible. Use the built in rest to try to really focus on movement quality. With the farmers carry try to really think about pinning the shoulders down, and back and bracing through that midline for maximal benefit!
22 Minute Clock
A.) Back Squat
Beef Option: 3 second Tempo on the way down
B.) 3 Rounds
10-13/7-9 Push Ups (Adv. Ring Push ups)  (Beefy muscle up into Ring dip 8/6)
-Rest 20 Seconds-
70m Farmer Carry 50-55/30-35   70-75/40-45   (Beef Dual KB Front Rack Carry)
-Rest 20 seconds-
30 second Hard Cal Row/Assault Bike/ Ski/ Airrunner
-Rest 30 seconds-


Recently you may have noticed that we have been trying to work in a lot of skill sessions into our programming. This allows us to work with people more directly and allows you to learn new skills, or practice old ones in a non-fatigued state. I wanted to take this opportunity to work on rope climbs since they are still a technical movement, and a lot of people (including me!) could benefit from cleaning up their technique on them! For the finisher aim to work for about 45 seconds out of each minute, so you have enough time to transition and write down your reps. All levels will do burpees since a lot of times advanced and beef folks do bar facing, but I wanted to change things up a bit! For the Bison cleans its one unbroken set, so after you set the barbell down you cannot pick it back up in that minute.
A.) 8 Minute Skill Development: Rope Climb
Alt 8 min EMOM
1- 4-8 Strict Pull ups or Ring Rows
2- 12 V-ups or 7ea. side single leg V-ups
Guided Skill Development
8 min of rope climb Practice
Alt 8 min Emom 
1- 1-2 reps of regular or legless rope climb
2- :30 Seconds plank/ Ring plank/ Box L-sit/ Regular L-sit
B.) 12 min Alt EMOM 
1- Max Power Cleans 95/65  115/75  135/95  Bison challenge: Max UB set @ 135/95
2- Max Burpees
3- Max Double Unders
Score will be total Reps


I was inspired to make this workout based on one that JB made a while ago and we have programmed a few times in the past. I like it because that little bit of rest allows you to push it a bit more on all the movements and maintain a bit higher intensity. Ideally the hanging knee raises or T2B should be done in as little sets as possible so be sure to select the level thats appropriate for you. On the squats you should be going unbroken so make sure you select a manageable weight for those. If you are up for the challenge feel free to give the Overhead Squat a shot since we don’t see them a lot!
5 Rounds
403m Run
6 Hanging Knee Raises or Sit ups  (Rx’d+ T2B)   (Adv 8 T2B)   (Beefy 10 T2B)   (Bison 12 T2B)
12 Front Squats  95/65   (adv 115/75)   (Beef OHS @ 115/75)   (Bison OHS @ 135/95)
-Rest 90 sec. between rounds-


As I said earlier we have been working in skill sessions into our programming in an effort to refine skills or learn them in a non fatigued state. Due to last weeks success of the concentrated handstand walk skill sessions I wanted to bring back the same movement while its fresh in a lot of peoples minds. If you are well versed in handstand walks feel free to find the longest walk you can do or try out some shoulder taps while you’re walking!
A.) 8 min. of Handstand Skillz
Fundamental Peeps
Alt. 8 min EMOM
1- Wall Walk w/ :10-:20 second hold (Adv. 2-3 shoulder taps ea. side)
2- :30 second Hollow Hold or :40 second Plank
8 min Guided Skill Development 
-Wall Progressions: Static Hold- hands farther from wall- foot taps- both feet off- walk to wall
8 min Clock
-15-30 ft interval handstand walks
-Find max Distance Handstand walk
-Walk with shoulder taps
B.) Buy in 750m Row (Adv. 1000m) (Beef Cash out 1000m)
4 Rounds
12 Kettlebell Swings  53/35   70/44   70/53  (Bison 15 @ 70/53)
9 Shoulder 2 Overhead  95/65   115/75   (Beef 12 @ 135/95)  (Bison 12 @ 155/105)
@ Some Point
Rx’d- 2 Sled Pushes 45/25
Adv- 2 Sled Pushes 90/60
Beef- 3 Sled Pushes 90/60
Bison- 4 Sled Pushes 90/60


It’s always fun to try out some of the things we do not get to use on a regular basis so I wanted to work some of these things in this week into the programming. During the EMOM take this opportunity to try out something you haven’t done before or don’t get to do very often! For the Yoke, Sand Bag, and Farmer Carry Bars be sure to keep the distance a bit shorter (about 45m) so you can make it within the desired time domain. If you don’t want to do odd object training or would rather focus on something else go ahead and just practice your rope climbs or double unders!
A.) 8 Min alt EMOM
1- Odd object/ Skill
2- :30-:40 sec Hollow Hold or Plank
Odd Objects/ Skills: Tire Flips, Atlas Stones, 2-3 reps on Wall Course, 45m Farmer Carry Bars, 45m Yoke Carry, Sled Pull, 45m Round Sand Bag Carry, 1-2 Rope Climbs, Double Under
B.) Alt Tabata
-Wall Balls (if you did yesterdays WOD okay to sub jumping air squats if shoulders are fatigued)
-Box Jumps
-Pull ups (C2B) (Bar Muscle Up)