Weekly WOD insights 7/25/22


Over the past few weeks I have been programming in some alternative strength sessions. We did split squats and reverse lunges which were more knee based movements. This week we will be s2itching over to a more hip hinge based movement in the form of a stagger stance deadlift. Stagger stance deadlifts are great for developing single leg hamstring strength. For the finisher You will be working on barbell cycling under fatigue. When it comes to cycling the barbell you want to focus on being efficient with your movement, rather than just fast. Focusing on good position, being able to breathe across multiple reps, and even utilizing the hook grip can be very helpful when it comes to being efficient on the barbell. 


A.) 8 Minute alternating EMOM 
1- 8 ea side stagger stance deadlift 35/20 (45/25) (50+/35+)
2- 30-45s of static core movement


Static core option
Forearm plank (weighted)
Hollow Hold (ad weighted)



B.) For time
Buy in
30/20 Cal (adv 35/25)
3 rounds 
10 squat cleans 95/65 (115/75) (135/95) (bison cycle challenge: perform reps unbroken each set)
10 Burpees (15 Bar facing burpees)
Cash out
30/20 Cal (adv 35/25)


The goal for today is to work in a longer time domain at a lower intensity level. With any program you want to vary intensities to allow for optimal recovery between training sessions. If you do a very hard workout on Sunday and Monday, you would ideally do something on the lower intensity side to allow your body to recover from the tough training session on Tuesday. If you keep hitting each workout at maximal intensity you are actually decreasing the amount of improvement you would get from the workouts you have done. Allowing for optimal recovery can also decrease the chance of injury, and is much more sustainable in the long run. The goal for today is to hold a nice 70-80% pace the entire time you are working out. You will also get to work on some push and pull strength in the form of push ups and pull ups. Improving these basic strength patterns has carry over to a lot of other lifts so don’t think that they are below you!


28 Minute clock 
Alternate between


-4 Minute max cals any machine


-4 Minute amrap of (Pick up where you left off every time you come back)
8-12 Push ups (Weighted push ups) (Handstand push ups or ring dips)
8-12 Ring rows or strict pull ups
8-12 Single leg V ups, tuck ups, or V ups


*At some point during the workout* 
Perform 3 (70m) Sled pushes
Select loading





The past couple of weeks has incorporated lots of halting work. The goal for halting work is to have you focus on leg drive and positioning throughout the lift. This weeks halting work will only be for the first half of the emom. In the second half of the emom you will have the opportunity to put a little more weight on the barbell. The finisher will be aimed at working on some different movement patterns. The single arm renegade row is quite the different pattern than we usually do in our workouts. It will primarily be working the core but it will be working anti rotation which…..is the body’s ability to resist rotation. The single dumbbell step up will be good at developing single leg strength and will (in my opinion) be very sneaky challenging!


A.) 12 Minute emom
-First 6 sets

2 Halting cleans or snatches


-Next 6 sets
2 regular cleans or snatches


B.) “Buns, Guns, and Runs”
4 rounds 
12 Single Dumbbell step ups 30/20 (35/20) (40+/25+)
16 Elevated renegade row 30/20 (35/20) (40+/25+)
200m run or machine equivalent



Over the past few weeks I have been working in some paused squats instead of our usual reps. This week I will be reverting the reps back to regular squatting. Ideally you should be building the load from the paused sessions since you’ll get a bit more bounce out of the bottom. You will also be supersetting the squats with some single leg glute work. Single leg glute bridges are a fantastic way to build up glute strength on each individual leg. Single leg work is very valuable because it can improve imbalances from right to left. For the finisher you should be able to hit each round at a fairly high intensity. Each round won’t be very long. ideally in the 90s-2 minute range. And having a one minute rest between each round should allow you to hit each one fairly hard.

A1.) Back or front squat 


A2.) Single leg Glute bridge
3x 12 ea side


B.) 4 Rounds 
12 Double unders (25) (60)
12 Shoulder to overhead 95/65 (115/75) (135/95)
12/9 Cals any machine (15/12) (20/15)
-1 min rest between rounds-



We have been consistently trying to work in opportunities to work on snatches over the past month or so. I want to continue doing so not just in the strength portion, but also in met cons as well. Having to cycle snatches while under fatigue is a skill in itself, aside from just doing snatches in our strength emoms. You will also have the opportunity to hit some overhead squats today which are a fantastic test of flexibility, coordination, and stability. They are also a precursor to being able to do squat snatches. If you have ambitions of performing snatches, give the snatches or overhead squats a try!

3 rounds 
12 Power cleans or snatches 75/55 (95/65) (15 @ 115/75)
200m run or machine equivalent


-Machine equivalent of 400m run-


3 rounds 
10 Front or Overhead squats 75/55 (95/65) (12 @ 115/75)
10 Hanging Knee raises (5 T2B) (12 T2B)


-Machine equivalent of 400m run-


3 rounds 
12 Deadlift 75/55 (95/65) (20 @ 115/75)
10 Burpees (15 Bar facing burpees)


-Machine equivalent of 400m run-



Theres nothing overly fancy about todays workout. It’s an opportunity to get in a solid amount of work within the given time domain. Its easy as a programmer to always want to make things very extravagant (and believe me it is fun!), but sometimes just keeping workouts more on the simple side is what people need. Aim to stay consistent across all the movements on both emoms. The nice thing about all of todays movements is that they should be keeping you moving the entire time. During the middle cardio portion, aim to take more of an active recovery pace. You should be still breathing but it should allow for the heart rate to come down just a bit.

8 Minute alternating emom
1- Max cals any machine
2- Dumbbell snatches 45/25 (50/35) (Alt 50+/35+) or Kb snatch option (choose loading)
3- Max Calories any machine
4- Max Air squats


-4 Minutes to run 403m or machine equivalent-


8 Minute alternating emom
1- Max cals any machine
2- Dumbbell snatch 45/25 (50/35) (Alt 50+/35+) or Kb snatch option (choose loading)
3- Max Calories any machine
4- Max Air squats

We don’t get many opportunities to work on the just the overhead lifts. Many times its part of an olympic lift in the form of a clean and jerk, which still has its benefits but can detract from getting a solid amount of work on the overhead portion. You will get to purely focus on the split jerk today for the strength portion. 15 minutes isn’t a ton of time, but with the overhead lifts, they tend to not take as long to warm up. So 15 minutes should still be enough time to get some quality technique work in. The finisher is aimed at getting some high intensity muscle fatiguing in. The calorie buy in should be no more than one minute, so choose your machine accordingly. If you want a very spicy combo then opt for the leg only assault bike when dong your wall ball rounds 💀.
15 Minute clock
Split Jerk 




B.) 4 Rounds 
2 Minute clock each round
12/9 Calorie Buy in (adv 15/12) (Beef Leg only ass bike 12/9)


-In time remaining alternate every round between-


 Max Russian Kb swings / Max wall balls
*30s of rest between each round*