Weekly WOD insights 7/18/22


Last week we worked on the halt, so I wanted to bring it back again, but allow you to incorporate some of that work in real time. You’ll have the opportunity to utilize some of the technique work on the lifts as you move through the emom. The finisher is an opportunity for folks to try their hand at some power snatches in a met con. If you have no desire to snatch then go ahead and stick with the power clean!


A.) Every 90 seconds for 15 minutes 
1 halting clean or snatch + 1 regular clean or snatch


*Halt will be at the knee, same as last weeks*


B.) 15-12-9-6-3
Power clean or snatch 75/55 95/65 115/75
Box Jumps



Baller Bison
Snatch  155/105 pounds
Box Jump overs  30/24 Inches


Last week we all had a little fun and worked on some split squats. This week we will be progressing our single leg work and working on some lunges. They’re a great way to build single leg strength, which has tons of benefit for a lot of your lifts. The finisher is aimed to give you some practice on some higher rep bodyweight movements. We usually break movements up into rounds and in smaller sets, but today will challenge your ability to move continually on the same movement.


A.) 8 minute alternating emom 
1- 8 Dumbbell Reverse lunges each leg 35/20 (45/25) (50+/35+)
2- 8 Barbell Strict presses


-Rest 3 Minutes-


B.) For time
200m run or machine equivalent
20 Hanging Knee raises (adv T2B) (Beef 30 T2B)
20 Burpees (Beef 30)
-:30s rest-
200m run
15 Hanging knee raises (Beef 20 T2B)
15 Burpees (Beef 20)

-:30s rest-

200m run
10 Hanging knee raises (T2B)
10 Burpees



The goal for today is to keep the intensity on the lower side. Throughout your training week you should regulate your intensities to allow for optimal recovery from workout to workout. If you bury yourself into the ground each session, you might not be giving your body enough to fully recover, and could be missing out on some gainnzzzzzz 🤯 . Try to keep your pace around 70-80% today.


Every 6 Minutes for 30 minutes 
Run 403m or machine equivalent (Beef 603m)
15 Russian swangs 53/35 (70+/44+)
20 Air squats
-In time remaining, active recovery on any machine (50% effort) –


*At some point during each cycle perform 1 (70m) sled push)* 
                             45/0  90/45


A little heart rate data for ya!


Today will be a great day to work on barbell efficiency. Moving the barbell isn’t just about getting through the reps as fast as possible. Its about finding the right pace to allow you to get the best overall score. focusing on your speed, breathing, and when to break up a movement can be very valuable skills when doing a barbell heavy workout.


3 rounds 
8 Shoulder to overhead 95/65 (115/75) (135/95)
10 Hang power cleans
10 Box Jump overs (Beef 15)


-Run 800m or machine equivalent-


3 rounds 
8 power cleans 95/65 (115/75) (135/95)
10 Front squats
10 Box Jump overs (Beef 15)


-Run 800m or machine equivalent-



You can check back to last weeks squat session (7/11) and see what you did that day, and try to add a few pounds to that score. You will also notice that I have programmed some supplemental upper body mobility work in. You all know that I am big on mobility work, and I like to use lower body strength days and opportunity to work in some upper body mobility. Click the video ink to get a preview of what you’ll be doing! The finisher is meant to be shorter, and very high intensity. The cals should quick, and you’ll want to try to go as unbroken as possible on the snatches. If you’re looking for a solid quad pump, give the leg only bike a try!


A1.) Paused back Squat (pause 2 seconds at the bottom)


3x 4 ea side



B.) “Leg pumps and Fist Bumps”
For time


20/15 Cals any machine (25/18) (Beef: Leg only Assault or echo bike 25/18 Cals)
40 Hang dummbbell snaches 40/20 (45/25) (50 @ 50/35) or Kb snatch (pick loading)
20/15 Cals any machine (25/18) (Beef: Leg only Assault or echo bike 25/18 Cals)


I like the higher skill element of this one, but with the lower reps and small rest I am thinking it will still keep it manageable for all levels.  if you’re someone who is trying their hand at higher level gymnastics And higher level barbell work, I would choose to focus on one of those for today. That way you can still get an overall fairly intense workout.  Note that yo will rest after you get back from your runs on the even rounds!


8 Rounds 
5 Pull  ups (C2B) (3/2 Bar muscle ups)
6 Ground to overhead 95/65 (115/75 (135/95)
7 Burpees (Bar facing burpees)
*After every even round, perform 403m run* 


-Rest :30s between rounds-



I promise this looks way more confusing than it actually is! You’ll be doing calories to start ever round, and then alternating the movement each round. his will be a solid calorie burner, so don’t forget to start your apple watch!


9 rounds
2:00 minute clock each round 
*Start each round with 1 minute max calories* 


Round 1- Max Double unders
-30s rest- 
Round 2- Max Russian Kb swings
-30s rest- 
Round 3- Max Wall balls
-30s rest- 
Round 4- Max Double unders

-30s rest- 
Round 5- Max Russian Kb swings
-30s rest- 
Round 6- Max Wall balls
-30s rest- 
Round 7- Max Double unders
-30s rest- 
Round 8- Max Russian Kb swings
-30s rest- 
Round 9- Max Wall balls