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Weekly WOD Review 10/25/21

MONDAY – The top and bottom sections for rx’d and adv should take around 7-9 minutes give or take with transitions while beefy should tap in a little longer. My intention for the short rest is to give you a quick “reset” before smashing on the burpees. 1 minute rest between sections doesn’t seem like […]

Weekly WOD Review 10/18/21

MONDAY -Building off two weeks ago, we did hang + floor the entire way. Today, we will do 5 sets worth the same, but for the last 5 sets, we will do solely from the floor. The intention of the low hang is to work on staying patient when moving the bar around the knee […]

Weekly WOD Review 10/11/2021

MONDAY -The time domain I am looking for in this workout is bt 17-24 minutes. -While the sets themselves are bigger today, you should be able to push the pace harder than most chippers. For one, you’ll have a bit of time before your second go at the movements. Secondly, we’ve done much more volume […]

Weekly WOD Review 10/4/2021

MONDAY -We will follow our traditional “Strength” option, but for today, there is a “stamina” option we’ve used in year’s past where we start with a cardio buy-in before hitting the heavy lifts. In addition to it being a good test of overall fitness, cardio buy-in, can serve as a decent warm up. For some, […]

Week 4 – WOD Review 9/20/21

Monday Feel free to choose between Front Squats or Overhead Squats. If choosing to do Front Squats, compare how you do to a couple of week ago (9/9) when we last did this. No worries if you were unable to attend, this is your chance to create a baseline for yourself. Conversely, this is a […]

Week 3 – WOD Review 9/13/21

Monday Today’s challenge will be how well each of you can manage your way through 20 repetitions of each movement. Twenty is a relatively high number, so it’s important that you do not allow your heart rate to become to elevated at any one point of the workout. If you are comfortable with the volume […]

Week 2 – WOD Review 9/6/21

Monday In n’ Out was my inspiration for today’s workout – “Come inside for some Wall Balls and DB Snatches, then out you go!”   Today’s workout isn’t very complex, so it’s your responsibility to manage the intensity! If you feel good, or this is your first workout if the week, I encourage you to […]

Week 1 – WOD Review 8/30/21

Optional 4-Week Accessory Workouts: If you have a little extra time before or after class, feel free to tackle one of these workouts. All four workouts will take 8:00 – 10:00 and will be available for the next four weeks. Also, all movements are relatively simple or easy to learn!     3 Rounds 1:00 […]

Weekly WOD insights 8/23/21: We will miss you Braydan!

Monday  For todays finisher you will want to select a barbell weight that you are able to cycle comfortably. If you are interested in learning how to, or working on your snatch, today wold be a good option to do so. Scale back the weight as you need to to be able to snatch with […]

Weekly WOD Insights 8/16/21

Monday  The main idea for this workout was the classic CrossFit workout “Diane,” which is a 21-15-9 of Deadlifts and Handstand push ups. While that workout can be fun, if you’re not an absolute handstand push up ninja it can be an extremely tough workout. When I do that workout I feel like I am […]