WOD Overview – Week of 1/10/2022



Happy Monday! Starting the week off with some quality strength work. For those of you that got to test your 1rm back squat out a few weeks ago it’s time to put your percentages to work with sets at 75-80%. Not sure what your 1rm is? No problem, warmup to a challenging weight in which you can still maintain good mechanics and work that weight across all sets. In addition to the barbell we will be working some strict pulling strength in between all sets, a perfect time for those of you who want to learn how to rope climb to work with a coach. Part b is meant to be a fast paced finisher, so make sure you select a thruster weight that allows you to go unbroken and push that pace!

A) E3Mx15min (5sets)

5×3 Back squats across (75-80ish%)   *superset with 5 sets of 5 strict pull-ups/c2b/or rope climb practice


10 thrusters (rx:75/55)(adv:95/65)(beef:115/75)
200m run
1 rope climb (adv:2rc) (beef:2 short rope climbs)



Get ready to spend some time snatching today, we are testing out your cycle rate under fatigue! Cals on the machine should take roughly 1-1:15, pullups :20-:30, giving you at least :30-:45 on the snatches. Bison peeps or anyone that wants to have some fun and do the descending weight scheme can go off of their own individual 1rm percentages, so the barbell weights are personalized to each persons fitness level. Steady singles on the first few intervals but be ready to switch gears towards the last few to rip and grip that barbell.

5 rounds for max reps
Against a 2:30/1:30 rest

Cals any Machine (15/12)(20/15)(22/18)
12 Pullups (adv:c2b)(beef:6 bmu)(bison:3 ring Mu)
Max power snatch (rx:75/55)(adv:75/115)(beef:135/95)(bison:descending weights 80%-70%-60%-50%-40% of 1rm snatch)


It’s deadlift day! Spend some time working up to 70-75% of your 1rm deadlift and hit that weight across all sets. In addition I’ve included some pressing or handstand work. Instead of giving peeps a prescribed number or distance to target, your going to try to hit :30 seconds of max reps. Use your first round as a base and try to target as close to that number or distance for the remaining sets. For part b, the goal is to have roughly :60 seconds (slightly less once fatigued) to max out the Db snatch, so choose a burpee box jump over rep scheme that will help you attain that time.

A) Alternating 14 min emom

  1. 5 deadlifts (70-75%)
  2. :30 max pushups (handstand push-ups)(handstand walk)

B) 3 rounds against a 3 min clock

8 burpee box jump overs (10)
Max Dumbell snatch in the remaining time (rx:40/25)(adv:Alternating 50/35)(beef:Alternating 70/50)

-1 minute rest-



It’s odd object and conditioning fun today! Three different conditioning variations mixed with three different odd object tasks for a wide variety of stimuluses. Pick a conditioning number that challenges you to work for :45-:50 seconds of each minute and then hit a steady pace for the strongman work. Don’t underestimate those double kettlebell front rack lunges, It’s un-paralleled with how it helps people learn to appreciate FULL-body tension. The anterior placement of the load forces the core to fire like crazy and helps to promote ideal positioning of the torso. Feel free to start this workout at any of these three stations and be ready to move along to the next after a short 1 minute rotation time.

8 min alternating emom

  1. Assault bike cals (rx:10/8)(adv:12/10)(beef:15/12)(tall guys and gals 18/15)
  2. Max effort Dball cleans

-1 minute rest

8 min alternating emom

  1. Row cals  (rx:12/10)(adv:14/12)(beef:16/13)(tall guys and gals 20/15)
  2. 70m Sled push (rx:45/25)(adv:70/35)(beef:90/55)

-1 min rest-

8 min alternating emom

  1. 200m run
  2. Max effort Double kB front racked lunge