Weekly WOD Review – 12/6/21


Today you’ll primarily be focusing on the mechanics of the Power Clean and Push Press.


In Part A, you’ll have the chance to learn and hone in your Power Clean technique in an environment that is less intense than a typical conditioning workout. This format will allow the coach to give you some feedback in between sets.


For Part B, I encourage you to select a weight for the Push Press which allows you to complete at least 5 repetitions in a row. Your coach will be able to assist you if needed. You’ll pair the Push Press with Box Jumps, which are both inherently explosive movements, so it becomes very important that you consciously control your breathing throughout the 10:00. Your coach will be able to discuss different methods that allow you to maximize this short-moderate time domain.





Every 1:00 for 12:00

2 Power Cleans




10:00 Alt EMOM

1) 1:00 Max Push Press 75/55 95/65 115/75

2) 1:00 Max Box Jumps


*Score = Total Combined Reps




You will be able to choose between a Strength or Conditioning EMOM, but the primary focus of the workout will be on the mechanics of the Front Squat. Your coach will go over different cues and drills that will allow you to maintain proper squat form.


Part B will be based on Intervals. There are numerous benefits that relate to continued bouts of exercise and incorporated rest. Essentially, this format allows the individual to repeatedly reach intensity levels higher than normal because of the allowed rest. Quite exciting in my opinion! Your goal is to stay consistent in terms of repetitions each round. Good Luck!





Strength Option:

Every 3:00 for 15:00

5 Front Squats 80%


Conditioning Option:

Every 3:00 for 15:00

200m -or- 403m Run

5 Front Squats 70%




“Alt Tabata”


8 Rounds



Wall Balls



*Score = Total Combined Reps




It will be very important to learn how to “manage” a consistent effort in this long 25:00 workout. As a good rule of thumb for this chipper, move at about a 70% effort and take breaks when you feel you’re getting too out of breath. You’ll want to maintain this feeling for about 15:00 in order to allow yourself enough energy for the last 10:00.


In order to safely move through this workout, I encourage you to pick a weight for your Squat Cleans or Squat Snatches where you are able to complete 5 of the 10 repetitions in less than 1:00 (Touch n Go or Singles). Take into account the movements beforehand as well. If the movements are not exactly a strong suit for you, I encourage you to stay lighter on the barbell. Vice versa, if you are comfortable with the movements before the barbell, this is a good opportunity to then go a bit heavier with the loading.



25:00 AMRAP

30 Cals

25 Double Unders

200m Run

15 Burpees

10 Squat Cleans -or- Squat Snatch 95/65 115/75 135/95 155/105




This workout is a remix of a classic CrossFit Workout – Helen. It will be important to figure out different methods which will allow you resist grip and pull up fatigue for 15:00. In order to do so, you’ll inherently have to learn when you can slow down and where you can break up repetitions.


For Part B, choose an additional DB or KB of equal value to pair with your KB from Part A. Quick lap around the parking lot!





“What the Helen”


15:00 AMRAP

403m Run

20 Russian KB Swings 53/35 (American KB Swings 53/35) (American KB Swings 70/53)

10 Pull Ups


– rest 3:00 –




For Time:

403m Farmer Carry (use an additional DB -or- KB equivalent to the weight used in Part A)




Because we occasionally do barbell work overhead, it’s important to take the opportunity to establish a foundation and learn the mechanics that relate to the Push Jerk. It’s an important movement to learn in the overall progression of overhead barbell movements. Today will give you that opportunity. You’ll be able to go over different drills and cues that will be applicable in continuing to build your overall strength.


For Part B, although a short workout, it’s easy and tempting to move way too fast than you should at the beginning. I encourage you to consciously make an effort to keep yourself from breathing too hard for at least the first 5:00 – 7:00. In order to do so, you may have to pick which movements you feel comfortable moving fast on or slowing down on. Your coach will assist you in selecting an appropriate Snatch option.





Push Jerk






10:00 AMRAP

12 Cals

10 DB Snatches 40/25 (Alt DB Snatches 50/35) (Power Snatch 75/55)

8 Sit Ups -or- Toes to Bar




It’s important that you work with your coach in selecting an appropriate Calorie option for your workout. This portion of the workout should take 1:30 – 2:30. To aid in selecting the correct value, take into account the other 3 movements in the workout. If you’re not so comfortable with the wall balls, box jump overs, or burpees along with their associated reps; then I encourage you to choose a smaller value of Calories. If those 3 movements are a strength of yours, then go ahead and test out your skills with the larger Calorie value. Enjoy!



25:00 AMRAP

10 Wall Balls

8 Box Jump Overs

6 Burpees


Every 5:00, starting at 0:00, complete 10 Cals (15) (20) (25)


*Stop and Pick Up from wherever you left off




Today you’ll be able to learn/practice your Deadlifts. You’ll compliment your Deadlifts with a Pressing movement. Although not limited to the options below, feel free to chat with your coach and they’ll be able to pick something specifically for you!


Think as Part B more of an accessory-eque workout. You’ll have to at least complete 3 Rounds. With that being said, feel free to load the sled or carry an object as light or heavy as you feel comfortable. We’re going for quality here. Feel free to make those Strict Pull ups also if you’d like to accessorize more!





14:00 Alt EMOM

1) 5 Deadlifts

2) [Select 1 Pressing Movement]


Pressing Movements:

5-10 Push Ups

5-10 Handstand Push Ups

5-10 Ring Dips

:30 Handstand Hold

10′ – 50′ Handstand Walk




8:00 AMRAP

8 Pull Ups (8 Chest to Bars) (4 Muscle Ups)

70m Sled Push -or- Odd Object Carry

20 Air Squats


*Minimum Work Requirement: 3 Rounds