Weekly WODs 1/31/22


Building off of last week’s aerobic focused workout I want to still have another workout that’s built around keeping an aerobic pace, but start to implement some more traditional strength training movements. I have written workouts like this in the past and have labeled them as aerobic bodybuilding (might be a good selling point for some of the guys). I still think it is possible to do a workout like this and maintain an aerobic pace, it just requires some adjustment in terms of pacing. It’s going to feel different than you’re traditional CrossFit workout, and thats okay! The goal is still to stay within 65-75% of your max heart rate. A simple way to guestimate this is to take 220- your age to find your max heart rate, then taking 70% of that and trying to sustain a pace that keeps your heart rate there. If you have a wearable like a whoop or apple watch, this will be fairly easy to track. If you don’t have a wearable, try to sustain what we call a conversational pace. If asked a question, you should be able to give short burst answers. If you find that you are huffing and puffing the entire time, then you are going too dang fast! You should walk away from the workout without feeling crushed. If you are truly operating at an aerobic pace, the breakdown on your body will be minimal and will not really make you sore the next day.


“Agua Fresca De Pepino”
28 Minute amrap 
603m run or machine equivalent
6-16 Push ups (Ring push up or weighted push ups) (Ring dip or strict Handstand push ups)
6-12 Ring rows or strict Pull ups (weighted pull ups or strict C2B)
8-16 reps of Core movement (see below)


Core movement (in order of difficulty IMO)

An easy visual representation on how to determine what your heart rate should be based off your age.

Single leg V ups
Tuck ups
V ups
Hanging Straight leg Raise
Rower Pike up (Marko reminded me of this one)
Strict Toes to bar or rings 


Building off of last weeks squats, I am adding a slight pause to the bottom of the RX’d tempo squats, and removing the pauses from the advanced tempo squats for extra spice. The Rx’d tempo reads 3 seconds down, 1 second pause at the bottom, as fast as possible on the way up, and a 2 second pause at the top. The advanced tempo reads as 3 seconds down, no pause at the bottom, 3 seconds up, no pause at the top. I would encourage you to use your phone, or have someone count out the seconds for you at least on the warm up sets just to get a feel for how the tempo should feel. Todays finisher is designed to be high intensity. The buy in should be paced so that you can go right from the machine to the barbell work. The barbell work should be on the lighter side, light enough where you can do each movement unbroken, breaking in between movements as needed. And if you know Chef Roy, you know he likes his spice 😉 .


A.) Back squat 


Rx’d Tempo- (31X2)
Adv Tempo- (3030) 🌶


The legend himself, Chef Roy! (Pictured on the left)


B.) Chef Roy’s Habanero Salsa
Buy in 25/20 Calories any machine (30) (Beef Bike only)
4 rounds (Beef 5 rounds) 
10 Hang power Cleans 75/55 (95/65 (115/75 or DB 40/25)
8 Shoulder to overhead
💸💸 out 25/20 Calories any machine (30) (Beef Bike only)


Last week my workouts were comprised mostly of smaller rep schemes aimed at getting through each movement relatively quick. Todays is on the opposite side of the spectrum. The goal for today is to be working on larger sets for each movement and getting practice in on managing breaks within each movement. One thing I think you can go a little more aggressive on is the kettlebell swing. they are usually limited most by grip, and since there is not anything else today that uses your grip, you can go for bigger sets on these today.


3 rounds 
603 Run (Adv 800m)
25 Russian KB swings 53/35 (70/44) (Am swings)
20 Box Jump over overs (25) (30)
30 Air squats (Beef 20 Goblet Squats @ 70/53)


Who’s ready for another sweat shop bike ride??


Building from the strict press work last week, I want to move to the more dynamic push press. My intention with the strict press was to have you all refine your bar path and bracing mechanics so that you all have a better base for all the pressing progressions. I am also bringing back the mobility supersets. As most of you know, I am a big fan of mobility and I have found that working these supersets into some movements like overhead pressing can help get your shoulders better prepared for the movement you are doing. Take a look at both the movements just to see what you are in store for. Your coach will go over these movements with you to make sure you have a good comprehension of them as well. As always with any of the mobility stuff, the goal should be to go nice and slow and really focus on controlling the movement. For todays finisher the calories + the pull ups should take no longer than 1:45, so choose the right calorie amount and pull up variation to allow you to have some time on the jump rope.


A1.) Push Press 

Wanna be able to hoist your friends above your head? Do your shoulder CARs!


A2.) Mobility superset
3x 4-8 reps




B.) 4 rounds against a 2:30 clock
12/9 Cals any machine (15/12) (18)
6 Pull ups (10 Pull ups or 5 C2B) (3/1 BMU) (6 BMU)
-Max Double or single unders in time remaining-
* :30s rest between rounds *


Bri and JB have both implemented some high hang work in the previous weeks programming, and I think it is worth revisiting just because it tends to be a very technically challenging position. I also recognize that it really limits the amount of weight you can put on the bar (intentionally) so I ave worked in some sets that also have regular reps. Todays finisher is simple with very complimentary patterns. You should be able to move consistently on both since there is not much overlap in terms of which muscle groups are being used. And given it is only an 8 minute amrap, you want to set a fairly aggressive pace and do your best to hang on to that pace.


One thing that can be extremely helpful when it comes to improving olympic lifting is getting footage of your lift and having a coach review it with you. If you want us to film a set, just ask!

A.) 12 Minute EMOM 
6 sets- 1 High hang clean or snatch + 1 hang (right above knee) clean or snatch
6 sets- 2 Cleans or snatches


B.) 8 Minute amrap 
10 Wall balls (15) (20)
12 Dumbbell snatches 45/25 (Alt 50/35) (18 alt @ 50+/35+) (KB snatch for all levels 35+/26+)


Normally with longer workouts we program them to have the higher skilled movements front loaded so you get to do them fresh, but todays is going to be a little different. You will be doing the higher skill barbell work and gymnastics in a slightly fatigued state. You will be working in bigger sets on the first part of the workout and then progressively moving to smaller rep counts, with more rounds. I am hoping this will allow you all to still stay moving despite being under some fatigue. With the smaller sets, it is generally easier to move from movement to movement. Don’t forget to work in those carries or sled pushes as well!

While working out is fun, enjoying the fruits or you labor is even more fun! Don’t forget to enjoy yourself from time to time outside of the gym!


2 rounds
15 Front squats 95/65 (115/75) (15 thrusters @ 115/75 or DB 40/20)
15 Burpees (Bar facing) (20 Bar facing)
3 rounds 
10 Ground to overhead 95/65 (115/75) (14 @ 135/95)
15/12 Calories (18/15) (21)
4 rounds
12 Hanging Knee raises or Single leg v ups (6 toes to bar) (12 T2B)
200m run


* at some point during the workout perform 2 (70m) sled pushes or D ball/Sandbag carry (Beef does 3)* 
Sled weight- 45/25 (90/50) (135/75)



Today will be a little open ended in terms of how you can attack todays workout. You can choose to push both the calories and amrap and just go for overall high intensity. You can also pace the calories a little bit and opt to really push on the amrap if you’d rather do that. Alternatively you can sell out on the calories and pace the amrap more conservative. I would say if you are sore from the previous days workouts, the last plan of attack would be your best bet as it will have the least amount of muscle breakdown. Anytime there are kettlebell swings and goblet squats in a workout you want to be very conscious of staying braced during both those movements. Getting lax on either with your midline stability can sometimes lead to low back irritation. So squeeze those abs (but don’t forget to breathe)! Also you may have noticed that the movements used today are the same as wednesdays. While the movements are the same, the effect of todays format should be much more different.  Wednesday was aimed at working on larger sets and dealing with muscle fatigue. Todays workout is more focused on having higher overall intensity with shorter sets for each movement. Don’t fall victim to what seems like the same appearance, todays and Wednesdays workouts will feel very different!

3 rounds 
2 minute max cals any machine 


-1 minute of rest-


4 minute amrap 
12 Russian Kettlebell swings 53/35 (12 american swings) (Beef 12 American 70/44)
10 Box Jumps
8 Goblet squats 53/35 (10) (Beef 10 Single KB front squat 70/444)


-1 minute of rest-