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Improving Handstand Push-Ups

Apart from Friday being the first day of the California Regional where our very own Briana Gaipa will be competing (which you can watch the live stream of here), we have a workout with one of my favorite alternating EMOM formats. We have the deadlift paired with a gymnastic skill, and in this case it happens […]

Row, Row, Row your boat….with good technique!

Since we have a time trial row coming up this Thursday, and we also frequently use the rower, this is a good opportunity to talk about efficiency on the rower. Now in comparison with other CrossFit movements rowing is often thought of as not the most technical of movements and is often overlooked when it comes […]

Do I Have to Be Fit to Start CrossFit?

No. Absolutely no. No one-thousand times over. Having been doing CrossFit for a while, and now working at a CrossFit gym, I get the opportunity to talk to a lot of people about CrossFit who have never tried it before. Whether its a person just checking out the Sweat Shop, or a person I’m having a casual conversation with, […]

Keep Moving

Nabil did a great post on pacing yesterday, which if you haven’t, give it a read. Coupled with pacing, another helpful method of staying consistent on workouts that I have adapted over the years is moving from one movement to the next with minimal rest. Let’s use this coming Fridays workout as an example: Buy In: […]

A few tips for the Clean

With Clean and Jerks coming up this Friday I think this is a good opportunity to re-visit the clean, since we usually talk about the split jerk more often. While the clean is not as technical as the split jerk and tends to not be the limiting factor for most people, if it is executed […]

Its all about the pace

A couple weeks back JB posted a great piece on aerobic capacity and how as CrossFitters we could benefit from improving our aerobic capacity. One of the factors that would contribute to improving our aerobic capacity is working on our ability to pace workouts. This post will be geared more towards the workouts that are on […]

Bottoms Up!!

Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with consuming your favorite Paleo Protein or Kombucha in rapid succession. What this post will talk about is bottoms up training, particularly through the use of kettlebells. This kind of training can be utilized in an accessory fashion to increase your shoulder stability and mobility, as well as […]

Factors Limiting Aerobic Capacity

Intensity Muscle Endurance/Volume Strength Technique Pacing While these terms above are not new to the field of fitness and sports, much has been discussed on their importance in improving aerobic performance. My aim for this post is to highlight aerobic capacity and show how some factors, like the ones listed above, may have an effect […]

MEGATRON: Hip Distraction Series Got tight/nagging hip issues? We present to you the “Megatron hip distraction series”. In addition to tissue work, basic stretches, and warm-up, using banded joint distraction exercises are extra helpful in alleviating joint-related issues. Like our popular “3-way shoulder mobility drill” with the band, this video demonstrates 5 of our favorite hip distraction exercises […]

Outside The Box Feats

When is the last time you tested your fitness outside the Shop? We are always encouraging our members to get outside our “newly painted” walls from time to time and use the awesome strength and conditioning you’ve gained from your weekly CrossFit training. One recent thing that surprised me was when Melaney and I traveled […]