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Nabil did a great post on pacing yesterday, which if you haven’t, give it a read. Coupled with pacing, another helpful method of staying consistent on workouts that I have adapted over the years is moving from one movement to the next with minimal rest. Let’s use this coming Fridays workout as an example:

Buy In: 1 mile run (substitute 1600m Row or 4k Bike)
then 4 Rounds of:
10 Deadlifts 165/115 (ADV. 12 DL @ 195/135)
15 Wall Balls (ADV. 18)
20 Double Unders (ADV. 25 Double Unders)
Cash Out: 403m Run

Aside from the runs, when looking at this workout, you may think to yourself that all these movements could be done unbroken. (That brings us back to Nabil’s pacing post.) By breaking up the movements, you are less fatigued and able to move onto the next movement quicker. If you did all 15 wall balls unbroken, you may be staring at your jump rope a while before your heart rate comes down. On the other hand, if you were to break the wall balls up into 5’s, you’re heart rate doesn’t come as close to redline.

Pacing and breaking up the movement within one specific exercise (ex wall balls 5-5-5) and then moving on to another movement which uses different muscle groups (ex double unders) will give you rest. So basically what I’m getting at is, I’m a big proponent of taking rest within each movement and getting to the next exercise as soon as possible. If I have to rest, I’d rather rest in the movement (ex. resting between my sets of wall balls). This not only trains your mental game by making you pace and break up the reps, but also gets you better at moving consistently through the workout. Sometimes we get in the habit of taking huge rests between movements, which I believe is in large part of a lack of pacing within one movement.

Here’s how I would break up this workout if I was doing ADV: (Double unders I am pretty proficient at, but if I wasn’t, I would break those too.)

1 mile run: Pace the first run. (running track, my coach always said you’re first lap should be as fast as your last with a little pull back lap 2 & 3, so don’t go out so hard that you have nothing left at the end)

Deadlifts 6-6
Wall Balls 6-6-6
Double Unders Unbroken

403: Steady pace. Once I hit the downhill on the loop, open it up and finish hard!!



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