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Weekly Workouts 12/26/22

MONDAY As it is the day after Christmas, it’s only appropriate to get in this xmas WOD. If you’ve never done this before, it takes a good amount of time if loaded appropriately. Follow the song “12 days of Christmas” and hold on tight. Don’t be afraid to scale A) 12 Bars of Christmas For […]

Weekly Workouts 11/7/2022

MONDAY I like having Monday’s reserved for squat days. But I also like all the clean work we got in last week. So today I’ll try to add everything together by isolating the pull under the bar allowing for a squat movement as well. And if you guys haven’t noticed, I’m a firm believer in […]

Weekly Workouts 10/31/2022

Just want to take a moment and say I’m excited to program for the class! I come from a background of loving the old school hypertrophy, push/pull days. Plus I have much respect for those trainers leading the way on mobility included into their strength training. So you’ll see examples of these in the coming […]