Weekly Workouts 10/31/2022

Just want to take a moment and say I’m excited to program for the class!
I come from a background of loving the old school hypertrophy, push/pull days. Plus I have much respect for those trainers leading the way on mobility included into their strength training. So you’ll see examples of these in the coming two weeks.


For the workout today, keep row pacing to about a 2k average. It’s a good day to go over rowing technique as this is not going to be a sprint. Aim for thrusters to be unbroken; breathe up top and keep a steady pace Pull-ups keep small quick breaks to finish
A) Every 4 mins for 5 sets (20 mins)
  • 3 Front Squats (For those who do not have a 5 rep max find a 5 rep “heavy for the day)
  • Core work in between (Hanging knee tucks, Hanging strict toes to bar)
    •  Do 1 max set then perform 60-70% of max for remaining sets
B) Jackie
  • For Time:
    1000 meter row
    50 Thrusters 45/35# (Adv Unbroken) (Beef 75/55#)
    30 Pull-ups (Adv Strict) (Beef C2B)
Going to slow it down today after Monday’s sprint with Jackie and focus on the back side and trunk; focusing on some controlled deadlifts. Let’s pretend your cellphone is underneath the plates. As you return the bar back to the ground, do a lite touch on the floor and stand back up
A) E3MOM  for 5 sets (15 mins)
  • 10 Deadlifts (no bouncing)
  • Warm up 5 reps @35%; 55%; 70%
  • working sets should be difficult
  • * During the 3 mins, work in; 20-30 deadbugs each set
B) 5 sets for completion
  • 70m Sled Push @ body weight
  • 1 min bent arm plank (Adv 15/10#) (Beef 25/15#)
Love how there’s always an option to either clean or snatch and front squat or overhead squat. I believe people’s ability to hold something overhead is important to their spinal health so we’re going to focus on some of that today.
A) 15 mins to work this complex
  • 6 Behind Neck Sots Press
  • 6 Snatch Balance
  • 6 Overhead Squats

* Weights should be kept the same for all 3 movements
** In Between each set find time to do 25 Banded Pull A-parts or 25 Banded Face Pulls

B) 5 rounds for time

70-m KB/DB Farmers Walk 52/35lbs (each hand)
10 overhead squats/front squats

More talking, less huffing and puffing. Like DJ I’m a big fan of zone 2 training. Slower is faster in the long run. Let’s build that base
A) EMOM 40
Min 1: 45s of cardio (bike, ski, jog, row)
Min 2: 45s of Single Unders
Min 3: 45s of Rotational Ball Slams
Min 4: 45s of cardio (pick something different than min 1)
Should be feeling good after Thursday’s slower/lighter session. Back to lifting! And part B is a good time to lay it all out with the minute rest between rounds.
A) 15 mins to find today’s heavy set of 5 Clean & Jerks
  • Work in 4 sets of 8-12 reps per side of a weighted goblet Cossack squat
B) For Time

10 Rounds
70m Speed Sled Push 25/10 (Adv 45/25) (Beef 70/45) (Yes this is light; sprinting is recommended)
10 Burpees
Rest 60s

I always enjoy a good partner workout on Saturday’s so let’s see how this one goes
A) For Time
Row 250 CAL
* Every switch both partners must perform 5 C&J 95/65 (Adv 115/105) (Beef 135/95)
** May not row more than 25 CAL at a time
I think of Sunday workouts as less joint pounding, medium strength and consistent moving days. Not as slow as an active recovery day but a good moving day. A perfect day to bring a friend to show to work off that weekend diet 😉
500m/400m Row
10 Ring Rows (Adv 5 Strict Pull Ups) (Beef 5 Strict CTB)
10 DB Thrusters 25/15 (Adv 35/25) (Beef 45/30)
10 DB Sumo Deadlifts