Weekly WOD Insights 10/7/19


Properly functioning scapula are imperative to have properly functioning shoulders. For as much shoulder and scapula based movements we do in CrossFit, we rarely take the time to strengthen and develop our scapula. Over the course of the next six weeks we will be performing exercises that will strengthen your scapula and better prepare your shoulders for the rigors of CrossFit! Check out down below for the list of exercises you will be doing.


A.) 6 Min alt EMOM 
1- Scapular Health
2- Midline Development


B.) Rx’d and Adv version
4 rounds 
403m Run
12 Wall Balls (15)
10 Deadlifts 135/95 (12 @ 185/125)
8 Box Jumps (10)


*at some point during the workout perform 3 rope climbs (adv 4)*


Beef version


800m run


4 rounds 
18 Wall Balls
15 Deadlifts 185/125
12 Box Jumps


800m run
*At some point during the workout complete 2 legless or short rope climbs + 2 regular*



If you want some more open style prep for your lifting I would go with the beefy option for the lifting portion. Even if you don’t regularly do the beefy options, if you can do the double under portion and plan on doing the open, go ahead and do the beefy version. For the finisher Beef folks will start with the run and work their way up, finishing on the burpees.


A.) 12 Minute EMOM 
2 Clean and Jerks
Adv: 1 Clean and Jerk


Beef open conditioning
30 Double unders + 2 Clean and Jerks


B.) For time
21 Down Ups (Burpees) (Bar facing Burpees)
200m Run or Row
15 Clean and Jerks 95/65 (115/75) (135/95 or power snatch 115/75)
70m Farmer Carry 45/25 50/35 (140m @ 55+/40+)
9 Down ups (burpees) (bar facing)
200m run or Row


*Beef start from bottom and ascend*




Tempo is a good way to increase time under tension in the squat and actually decrease the wear and tear on your body since you will generally move less weight when it comes to tempo squats. The finisher is a repeat workout, so check back to see your score. Remember though that comparing two scores is not always black and white. Take into account how you felt at the time of doing that workout, how your workouts were going, if you had any lifestyle factors affecting it for better or for worse.


A.) Tempo Back Squat 32X1


B.) 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1     *compare 3/19/19*
Dumbbell Snatch 45/25 (Adv 50/35) (Beef alt 50+/35+)
Hanging Knee raises (Adv 4 T2B) (Beef T2B)


The intention of today is to sustain an aerobic effort. You should not be sprawled out on the ground after. Todays effort should be more comparable to going for a moderately long run. You should feel like you worked up a good sweat, but should walk away feeling good.


A.) 6 Min alt EMOM
1-Bar muscle up Strength and Skill development
2- Midline Development


B.) Every 4 min for 24 Minutes
-Cardio buy in-
In time remaining for each interval, Amrap of 
12 Russian KB swings 53/35 (adv 70/44) (Beef 14 am 70/53)
7/5 Push ups (adv 10/7 or 5/3 HSPU) (Beef 8/5 HSPU or Ring dips)


 Cardio options 
-Run 403m      -Assault Bike 25/20  (adv 25) (Beef 30)
-Row 500/400m (adv 500m)  -Ski 500/400m (adv 500)
-Assault Run 403m
Cardio is Hardio but might as well have fun while doing it


People seemed to like the for quality session I programmed last time (I am just going off the instagram poll I think Nabil put out?) but nonetheless I still think it’s a good idea. For the hanging movements, I would like you all to really focus on controlling the eccentric (downward) portion of the movement. The reps aren’t that high so try to have a 3 second descend on each rep. For the lunges treat it like any other strength session where you would get a couple warm up sets in, and then determine a working weight. As always emphasize control over increasing weight. Dumbbells should be loaded at the sides.


A.) For Quality
3 Rounds 
4-8 Strict hanging Knee raises w/ eccentric focus (Adv Hanging straight leg raise) (Beef strict T2B)
-Rest at least :30s-
10-14 Dumbbell walking lunges 40/20 (45/25) (50+/30+)
-Rest at least :30s-


B.) 13 Minute Amrap 
8 Power Cleans 95/65 (115/75) (10 @ 135/95)
9 Box Jump overs (12) (15)


-Rx’d buy in with 500/400m row
-Adv perform 500m row at min 5
-Beef perform 500m row before time expires, once row is done you cannot go back to the Amrap


We got a partner workout! For today you can split up the work however you like, but if you can’t find a good strategy, you can just switch every movement. Ideally I would like you and your partner to perform the same grunt work movement, if thats not possible, go ahead perform something different from your partner.


20 Minute Partner Amrap
8 Shoulder to overhead 95/65 (adv 115/75) (Beef 10 @ 135/95) (Bison DB 50/35)
6 Pull ups (adv 10 PU or 6 C2B) (Beef 3/2 BMU) (Bison 5)
12 Calories any machine


*at minutes 5,10,15 stop and perform 2 minutes of grunt work with partner*
**After grunt work is done, pick up where you left off on amrap**
***Break up work however you want, one works while other rests***


Grunt work options
-Sandbag carry 70m   -Sandbag over shoulder
-D Ball Carry 70m   -D ball over shoulder
-Heavy farmer carry bars   -Tire flips
-Tire slam with hammer   -Stone to shoulder
-Mixed rack carries   –Plate pinch walk




A.) 6 Min alt EMOM
1- Scapular Health
2- Midline Development


B.) 7 Rounds (adv + beef 8 rounds)
200m Run
8 Front squats 95/65 (115/75) (135/95) (DB squats 50/35)
10 Double unders or 30 singles (adv 20 DU) (Beef 40)


6 Week Skills/Accessory cycle 


Scapular Health (:20-:40s of work)
Crossover symmetry W + Y w/ eccentric focus (Skip to 1:30 in video)
-Scapular Push up
-Scapular Pull up


Bar Muscle up Strength and Skill development (:20-:40s of work)
-Band assisted Pull up
-Top of pull up hold
-Strict Pull up
-Low bar on rig
-Box assisted BMU
-Band assisted BMU
-Coach assisted BMU
-Bar muscle up


Midline Development (:20-:40s of work)
-Single arm push up or forearm plank
-Single arm ring plank
-Side plank
Weighted side plank (loaded on top of hip)
Pallof rotation (can be half kneeling or standing)