Year: 2022

Workouts for 6/27-7/3

     • Monday A) Every 2:30 for 5 sets 3 Temp front squats 5/3/1 *ascend in weight @ the 15 minute mark 1 set of max reps no tempo front squats at the heaviest set worked up to on the emom B) 8 min Amrap 16 jumping lunges 12 goblet squats (rx:you pick)(advanced:53/35)(beef:70/53) 70m […]

WODs 6/20/22- 6/26/22

Monday  Today between squat sets you will have the opportunity to work on beat swings. I know we often all use beat swings as a warm up, but I think there is benefit to getting extra practice on swing positions. I’ve noticed a lot of people wanting to progress to toes to bar and kipping […]

WOD Overview – 6/13/22

Monday For those that don’t want to run you’re welcome to choose a 2000 meter row or ski, or a 5K(men)/4K(women) Bike.  Whichever version you choose you should have at least 3:00 minutes of rest prior to starting the second part of this workout.  To get the intended amount of time on the machine each […]

Weekly WOD Review – 6/6/22

Monday In today’s workout, you’ll breakdown and perform the Clean in different phases. Becoming efficient at different phases of the lift is a good way to see continued improvement over time. Before you start to increase the weight of your barbell as the workout progresses, be sure you feel comfortable and confident with performing the […]

Weekly WOD Review – 5/30/22

Monday In memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y., who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005. This workout was one of Mike’s favorites and he’d named it “Body Armor”. From here on it will be referred to as “Murph” in honor of the focused warrior and great American who wanted nothing […]

Weekly WOD Review – 5/23/22

Monday If you have been working off of percentages or have a relatively recent 1RM, I encourage you to warm up to around 70% and start there. From that point, depending on how you’re feeling, build based on your comfort level. Alternatively, if you decide, you’re more than welcome to complete the workout with one […]

Weekly WOD Review – 5/16/2022

Monday For today’s AMRAP, you will repeat it 3 times. Each 8:00 AMRAP will begin with an 800m Run, and in the remaining time, you will perform the AMRAP down below. After 8:00 is complete, you will have 1:00 to rest and then you will begin another 8:00 AMRAP. Your score will be the total […]

WOD Insights 5/9/22

Monday  The inevitable has arrived. Squat sets of 8. We rarely dip into the higher volume sets so I wanted to use these past couple of weeks to get some volume work in. Last week we did sets of 7 so you can use that to guide your weight selection for today. Be sure to […]

Weekly WOD insights 5/2/22

Monday  I probably sound like a broken record talking about aerobic training but I won’t let up! There’s many benefits from specifically training to improve your aerobic system. It improves your bodies ability to deliver oxygen which mainly improves your endurance. This means you can perform at a higher intensity for longer because your body […]

Weekly WOD insights 4/25/22

Monday  I think these push pull emoms are great because you get to build a nice strength base without having to worry as much about technique when compared to something like olympic lifting. If you have ambitions of doing handstand push ups one day but aren’t quite there, you might want to consider opting for […]