Workouts for week 11/28-12/4


A) 10 minutes to work up to a 10 rep max back squat

B) 20 minutes emom

  1. Row calories (rx: 10/8)(adv: 12/10)(beef:15/12)
  2. Thrusters @ 95/65 (rx: 10)(adv: 12)(beef: 15)
  3. Bike calories (rx: 10/8)(adv: 12/10)(beef:15/12)
  4. Rope climbs (rx: 3 pull to stand)(adv: 2/1)(beef: 3/2).
    **last round max reps on each movement within the minute**

Today, we are getting into our Back Squat first in order to build a little more load on the bar than last week when we hit 10 rep under a little more fatigue. Warmup suggestion- sets of 3-5 until you feel like you’ve hit a weight that you can rep 10, then go for it. For our part b, 20:00 EMOM with a set amount of reps through the first 16:00 and finish off the 20:00 with 4:00 of Max Reps. The goal should be to get an extra 1-4 reps on each movement to finish off the day at near max effort. Dont have rope climbs? Try single arm supine grip ring rows or 4 strict chin-ups per rope climb.



A) 10 minute Emom
3 Hang Power Snatch @ 65-75%

B) For Time:
Deadlifts (rx: 155/105)(adv: 205/135)(beef: 225/155)(bison: 275/185)
Bar Facing Burpees

C) Core finisher:

  1. 20 rotational sit-ups
  2. 15R/15L side v-ups Side  V Ups
  3. :15R/:15L copenhegan plank

For todays strength the focus is finding that hang position above the knee that allows for loading of the hamstrings while keeping lats tight. We will then be moving through the hip and thinking about jumping through the bar. Scale can work with an empty barbel and focus on quick fluid movement or sub a heavy Kbs to learn the hip hinge. For todays finisher the goal is to challenge loads with touch and go reps of 5 or more. I put in a nice little core finisher because every time I sprinkle these into the warmup the class dies, which must mean we need more core focus accessories! If class runs out of time members can do this on their own and consult the video demos above.



A) Every 2 Minutes for 12 minutes (6 sets)
Strict press
*ascend in weight each set*

B)15 Minutes Amrap
Wall walks (rx: 1)(adv: 2)(beef: 3)
Pushups (rx: 6)(adv: 5 box piked strict hspu Pike Strict HSPU)(beef: 5 hspu)(bison: 5 Wall facing strict hspu)
Box jump Overs (12)
Double Unders (rx: 15)(adv: 30)(beef: 45)

For todays strength, the goal here is a little more of a volume progression with the sets ending at a heavy set of 4 around 80-85%. This will definitely be a challenging set that should be close to maximum effort for the rep range. For our finisher, the focus is on upper body stamina and midline conditioning. Don’t have wall walks, try 3 inchworm walks! I’m also adding for bison a wall facing hspu. These made an appearance in the games this year but I actually think it’s a great skill for the crew that does hspu to help focus on that spinal alignment and not allowing hyperextension to occur.



40 minute Amrap
-Zone 2 fitness-

800m run
70m Sandbag carry
30 banded glute bridges    

70m Sled push
30 cal machine
70m Farmers carry

**pick weights that allow for the adequate heart rate focus**

Many of us want to improve our athletic fitness, endurance, and performance. Face it, we also want to live longer, and with fewer health problems. That’s where Zone 2 training comes into play.

Benefits of Zone 2 Heart Rate Training. 

  • Increase in the number of mitochondria
  • increase in mitochondrial efficiency
  • increase in “metabolic flexibility” 
  • lower resting heart rate
  • a decrease in blood pressure
  • lower risk of injury 
  • improves insulin resistance
  • improve your ability to run/cycle longer
  • improve your resilience and ability to deal with increasing load. 
  • Improve your Zone 4,5 function/performance
  • improved longevity

So how do you know your in zone 2? Shoot for a heart rate somewhere between 65-75% of your maximum heart rate (125-140 for most of us). If you can speak easily and in full sentences without having to pause at all you are probably in Zone 1 or 2. If you can breathe through your nose for the entire run, you are likely in zones 1 and 2. If you can speak or sing, but need to pause occasionally to breathe you are probably in Zone 2. If you cannot speak more than a few words before you need to pause, you are in Zone 3 and above. Basically if you can “hear” yourself breathe, you are not in zone 2. So grab a friend and chat up the 40 minutes to make the time pass!

Want to know more about zone 2?! Read here:



A) Every 3 Minutes for 12 minutes:
1 Pause Front Squat + 1 Front Squat @ 80% (3 second pause)

*** pullup/c2b/Mu progression between sets***

B) 3 Rounds, for time (Rx/adv)
50 Air Squats.
Pullups (rx: 7)(adv: 7 c2b)
10 Hang Power Cleans (rx: 95/65)(adv: 115/75)

Beef/Bison: Nasty Girls/Nasty Girls V2
3 Rounds, for time:
50 Air Squats (50 alternating pistol squats)
7 Ring Muscle-Ups
10 Hang Power Clean (95/135lb)(115/175)

For todays strength, focus on tension and bracing position in the pause squat, three seconds down there! Watch for hips to go back and down and not to relax in the pause. Elbows up and push against the bar on the ascent. For todays finisher we have an old school CrossFit girl in the house. Pick a weight on the barbell you can rep those hang power cleans in 1-2 sets. For beef and bison I put the actual named girls official workout but if the number of reps on the muscle ups is a tad daunting feel free to scale the reps down and/or swap to bar muscle ups.



For Time:
1 mile
70 Wall balls
50 db lunge (rx: Goblet style @ 45/25)(adv: goblet style 40/30)(beef: 50/35 Overhead)  400m
30 Dumbell Snatch
**30 minute cap**

Conditioning and endurance on the menu for today. A lot of running so feel free to modify to a machine if that ain’t your jam. Pick weights on both the Dumbell and wallball that you can knock out sets of 10-15. Looking for a time domain of 20-25 minutes.



A) 22 minute Partner Amrap
50/40 cal any machine
40 toes to bar
30 Dumbell bench press or floor press (rx: choose your weight)(adv:40/25)(beef:50/35)  20 Burpee box jump overs (24/20)

B) 8 min accessory Amrap
15/10 pushups
20 banded tricep extensions    

:30 second ring plank

Sunday funday is always better with a partner! Today I would like partners to have a 1:1 ratio of work to rest with this one. Both partners should be working to tackle the reps evenly throughout the entire AMRAP. A great goal would be 3+ rounds! Finish with a nice little upper body accessory session for that upper body Sunday pump! Scaling options for this one, especially on those toes to bar from most challenging to least- alternating toes to bar, strait leg raises, hanging knee tucks, v-ups, or sit-ups. For the db bench press stay tight and punch fast in order to really keep the dumbbells moving in a straight line of direction.