Weekly WOD Insights 12/12/22

All my single leggies, all my single leggies. Little bit of single leg work to start off the week. While doing our usual squats is fantstic for improving strength, working ins ingle leg work on a regular basis is extremely important. If you feel confident in your lunging ability, you may want to opt for the more challenging bulgarian split squat. If you do opt for this variation, be sure to keep a lot of your weight towards that front foot. The goal with having the rear foot elevated in the bulgarian split squat is to put more emphasis on  that front foot. The finisher is brought to your by our Rosal residents, Trey and Kayla. I actually programmed this workout a few years ago. It sadly was programmed the week we all went into lockdown, so sadly it has never been done by the sweat shop community.

A.) Alternate every 90 seconds for 12 mins 

1- 8 ea side dumbbell reverse lunges (adv Bulgarian Split squat) 40/20 (45/25) (50/35)
2- Handstand push up or Handstand walk progression


Did someone say Bulgarians?


B.) “Rosal Court”
5 Rounds
200m run or 250m/200m row
5 Down ups (Burpees)
10 Hanging Knee raises (6 T2B) (10 T2B)
15 Air squats


Low intensity is the name of the game today. I wanted to take today as an opportunity to work in some non traditional movement. We very rarely do any movements that require us to move side to side in CrossFit. So today we will be working in some lateral step ups or box jump overs You’ll also get to do some odd object work with he D ball or sandbag, and you’ll get to top it all off with some core work in the form of the pallof hold. Remember, keep the pacing on the chill side! Today is all about keeping it lower intensity.


35 Minute zone 2 amrap 


403m run or machine equivalent
70m D ball or sandbag carry
12 Lateral step up and over or lateral box jump overs
403m run or machine equivalent

8-12 D ball or sandbag over shoulder

30s ea side banded pallof hold
Did he make it? Did he fall? The world may never know


I think as a gym we do a great job of working in positional work for our olympic lifts, but it usually happens during the execution of the full lift. Today we will be focusing on just the pull. Clink on the linked video to see what you’ll be doing in class today! If you fancy yourself a good push up-er, give the plyometric push up a try! It’s a fun way to work in some power development, and different from what we usually do. The finisher should be short and sweet. You should be able to go unbroken on both movements if you are doing the Rx’d or Advanced versions.


20 Minute clock


4 sets of each movement 


A1.) 4 clean pulls or snatch pulls @ 80-90% of 1rm


A2.) 10-15 Push ups (Adv plyometric push up)
A3.) 30s Hollow hold (Adv weighted hollow)


B.) 4 rounds 
12 Wall balls (15)
15 Dumbbell snatches 45/25 50/35


Beefy Version 
40 Wall balls
20 Alternating dumbbell snatches   50/35
30 wall balls
20 alternating dumbbell snatches
20 wall balls
20 alternating dumbbell snatches




We have our usual squat and gymnastics work today. I would always advocate to continually work on the same skill for a long period of time before jumping to another. Once you get over the skill hump and are able to do higher skill movements in workouts, then it’s a good time to switch over to focusing on another. The finisher will be short and sweet. Both are fairly fast movements and the push presses should be done unbroken.


A.) Every 4 mins for 20 Minutes 
-4 Back/ front/ or overhead squats

-During rest, work on ring or bar muscle up progressions


B.) 5 rounds 
8 Box Jumps
10 Barbell Push press 95/56 (115/75) (135/95)


Todays workout will have you moving the entire time. The movements are fast and the reps are relatively short per round. These kinds of workouts are great for pushing intensity, so aim to do that today. Since there are a lot of round in todays workout, be sure to not spend longer than about 45 seconds per round on the double unders.


7 rounds 
200m run or machine equivalent
12 Russian Kettlebell swings 53/35 (70/44) (15 am swings 70/53)
8 Burpees (Beef 12)
10 Double unders (20) (40)


At some point during the workout perform rope climbs
Rx’d- 2
Adv- 4
Beef- 4 short or legless


A few weeks ago Ed programmed bodyweight sled pushes in a workout, and I think everyone experienced a rude awakening (in a good way!). Heavy sleds are hard! But they are great for getting really good intensity and are a fairly safe movement. They also don’t make you super sore, even though they can feel extremely taxing. The first amrap will be geared at practicing some gymnastics under fatigue, and you will have an opportunity to work on the snazzy lookin overhead squat.


12 Minute amrap 
12 Hanging Knee raises (6 T2B) 12 T2B)
10 Cals any machine (beef 15)
8 Front or overhead squats 95/65 (115/75) (135/95)


-Rest 2 mins-


4 sets 
70m Sled push
*Rest 90 seconds between each set*


Rx’d- 70% of Bodyweight
Adv- 85% of Bodyweight
Beef- Bodyweight



We got a nice sweaty sunday for ya. The goal for today is to move quickly between each movement, with some moderate cardio pieces at the beginning and end of each round. You should be able to go unbroken on the barbell, and shouldn’t need to break more than once on the pressing movement per round.


3 sets
Run 403m or machine equivalent
3 rounds 
6 Hang cleans  75/55 (95/65) (115/75)
8/5 Push ups (10/6) (Beef 5/2 HSPU)
6 Box Jump overs (Beef 9)
Run 403m or machine equivalent


-Rest 1 min between rounds-