Weekly WOD insights 12/19/22


I always love getting positive feedback on workouts, and I always seem to get so much positive feedback on lunge workouts (I’m looking at you Rosa!). I like to work in single leg movements very regularly because I think they are extremely beneficial. Apologies in advance for the soreness! Todays workouts should leave about two minutes on the clock each round for you to get some calories in. I think this a great way to ease into the week. Nothing is super complex, you can keep moving the whole time, and it will make your butt nicer 😂. 


5 rounds

4 minute clock

16 Goblet lunges 40/20 (50/30) (Beef 12 dual dumbbell lunges 40/20) (bison 50/35)

8 Ea side single arm dumbbell push press or push jerk (Beef dual db push press)

6 Pull ups (C2B) (Beef 3/2 Muscle ups) (Bison 5)

Max cals any machine In time remaining

-Rest 1 minute between rounds-




In last weeks wod’s I worked in some clean pulls into the programming. This is a great way to train specific parts of the clean, rather than the entire thing. while performing the lift in its entirety is obviously a great way to improve the skill of the lift, sometimes it is necessary to just work on a small portion of the lift, and thats what the clean pull is aiming to do. Unlike last weeks though, you will be performing cleans after the clean pulls. My hope is that there will be some solid skill transfer from the clean pull to the clean. The finisher is a death by format, which means…..stress! What it actually means is that you have to complete the allotted work in the given time, and if you cannot complete it, the workout ends. For todays finisher you will perform 10 dumbbell snatches, and 6 box jumps in the first minute, and you will have the remainder of that minute to rest. When the next minute starts you will have to perform 12 dumbbell snatches and 6 box jumps before the minute mark. The next minute you will have to perform 14 snatches and 6 box jumps. The snatches will continue to increase by 2 every minute until you either don’t complete the reps within the minute or you make it through all 10 sets. 


A.) 15 Minute EMOM

First 5 sets

2 Clean or snatch pulls + 1 clean or snatch

Remainder of Emom

2 Cleans or snatches


Don’t let it do you in today!


B.) Death by dumbbell

Starting at minute 0, and emom

10 Dumbbell snatches 45/25 (50/35) (Beef alt 50+/35+)

6 Box Jumps (Bison 4 @ 30/24 in)

*Every minute, add 2 dumbbell snatches*

**10 Minute cap**




A couple weeks ago Bri programmed some banded glute bridges into her zone 2 work, so I wanted to bring that back, and then add in a few new things of my own. You might be sore from the past couple of days of programming so today is the perfect day to throw it in cruise control and get some solid blood flow to get rid of that soreness! Check out all the links to see example videos of the movements you might not be familiar with. 



Zone 2 whooptedoo

30 Minute amrap

15 Banded glute bridges off bench

70m Light sled push

15 sit ups, tuck ups, v ups

403m run or machine equivalent

35m ea side bottoms up carry 26/15 (35/20)

8 ea direction cossack squat (can use weight from bottoms up carry)

12 Down ups (Adv strict burpee)






We have some of our usual strength suspects in the push pull work that you will be doing today, and then we have a new movement in the form of the foam roller hamstring bridge. I personally have been using this movement a lot and have found a ton of benefit from doing it. It trains the hamstrings to flex the knee (think pulling the butt towards the heel) which is actually the primary function of the hamstring. But despite it being the primary function of the hamstrings, we rarely (if ever) train them to do so. A lot the reason is that it is just tough to do in a CrossFit setting, but fear no more because I have a good answer! One thing to do when performing the hamstring bridge is to make sure that you press the lower back into the ground before lifting the hips up off the floor. Todays finisher is all about pushing the pace. You should be operating at almost maximal effort on each sprint, so dig deep and push the pace! 


A.) 12 minute alternating emom

1- 8-12 Dumbbell bench press or Push ups

2- 5-10 Strict pull ups (Adv strict C2B)

3- 30-45s Foam roller hamstring bridge

-4 minute transition time-

B.) Sprintervals (Pick one)

90-95% effort on each sprint

5x 15s Assault bike or ski sprints

5x 20s Rower sprints

-Rest 90 seconds between efforts-







We have our usual squat work paired with the gymnastics. Cristina had put together a great list of kipping progressions, so if that is a skill that interests you, you can check it below and maybe aim to do one in the workout today! the finisher is nothing flashy. We have some simple movements that will play nice with each other and give you an overall good intensity workout. You should aim to get 3-4 rounds on the finisher. 


A.) Every 4 minutes for 20 mins

-3 Back/Front/ or Overhead squat

-Bar or ring muscle up progression, or kipping progression


Kipping Pull-up Progression

Kipping- Static chin to bar hold to push back and drop (just practicing second half)

Butterfly- Box pull-up (working on position- ie one leg off box) Butterfly Pull-Up Progressions

Mini pull-ups (ie doing a half pull-up with kip timing)


The gymnastics queen herself! If you ever want to work on those gymnastic skills, consider booking a one on one with Cristina!

B.) 8 Minute amrap

12 Russian Kb swings 53/35 (16 @ 70/44) (Beef 16 KB snatch @ 44+/26+)

8 Burpees (Beef 12)

10 Double unders (20) (50)






We got a repeat! this workout should be a solid opportunity to burn some calories before a big caloric surplus arrives in your life today and tomorrow (if you’re like me its been multi-week thing!). Todays workout should you keep you moving regardless of your skill level, and if you are interested in moving the heavy weights, we have you covered as well! 



*Compare 7/16/2022*

4 Cycles 
5 Min clock 
Buy in: 403m run or machine equivalent 
-In remaining time amrap of- 
7 power snatches 75/55 (95/65) (115/75) (Bison ladder see below) 
9 Hanging knee raises (4 Toes to bar) (8 toes to bar) 
15 air squats 
*Rest 1 minute in between cycles, restart each cycle* 
Bison ladder (Can be power or squat snatches) 
Round 1- 6 reps @ 115/85 
Round 2- 4 reps @ 145/105
Round 3- 2 reps @ 165/115
Round 4- 5 Minutes to find one rep max snatch (no cardio buy in, not doing any other part of amrap) 
Bumper plates for men – 2 (35), 2 (15), 2 (45) 


Bumper plates for women- 2 (25), 2 (5), 2 (10) 



Merry Christmas!