I Will Be In My Bed

Mentality is everything when it comes to completing any given task. Think back to a time outside of CrossFit where you had a big meeting or project at work, a big test in school, or a competition (does not necessarily have to be an athletic one). Try to remember the mentality you had going into that task and then what the outcome was. More often than not if we come into an endeavor with a positive mindset, we will be able to put our best effort forward. If we go into a venture with a negative mindset, then the battle is already lost and we have put ourself at a significant disadvantage from the start.

I came across this article from the CrossFit Invictus blog that talked about a mantra that a man named Chris Sacca uses. Chris is an entrepreneur who has been featured in Time Ferris book “Tools of Titans” and has appeared on the popular TV show “Shark Tank.” The mantra that he utilizes in situations where the going gets tough is simple yet effective. The mantra is, “tonight, I will be in my bed.” Whether going into a difficult situation or already being in one, this motto can give you the necessary perspective you need to be successful.

              Gomer keeping a positive perspective during a tough competition workout!!!

This mantra is utilized by someone who has been very successful in the business world but it has a lot of utility outside of that domain. I didn’t immediately jump to the classic CrossFit usage because I truly believe principles that allow us to be successful in the gym can be applied to other areas of our lives. To give an example of how we can apply it to CrossFit lets say there is a workout the next day that has high rep rowing and thrusters. Ouch. You know its going to be tough cause that can be a nasty combo and your legs and lungs are probably gonna get put to the test. Instead of going into it dreading the work, just think to yourself it’ll all be over in a relatively short amount of time, and then I will be in my bed. Whatever struggles or hardships you experience before or during the workout, at the end of the day you’re gonna end up in you place of relaxation and comfort. The added benefit of having a positive perspective on the situation is that you will do better on the workout and feel good about your efforts when you lay down for bed!

Whether its CrossFit, work, school, or any tough challenge you face in your life always keep a light at the end of the tunnel. It will allow you to be more productive and ensure that you can feel proud of the effort you put forth. If you would like, you can always substitute that light with your nice comfy bed that will always be there at the end of the day.

On an unrelated note, I will be gone until July 25 as I will be traveling around Europe. I can’t promise any awesome pistol or handstand pictures but I will do my best to put any travel pics on Facebook. I will see a lot of you in a month!

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