Month: May 2017

Muscle Up Inspiration

This past month has been a nice little reboot to the legendary Sweat Shop Muscle Up Club! Not only do we have some amazing first time ring and bar muscle uppers, we have now upgraded to strict bar muscle ups! Way to keep steppin’ up the game Sweat Shoppers! The club is back open taking […]

Remember to Play

A little throwback Thursday post to the Sweat Shop BBQ this past weekend, and how much I enjoy playing sports outside! I played 3 games of Volleyball, 2 games of Badminton, and 1 game of Basketball. There were for sure some flashbacks to being a kid and having the energy play all day! Now that […]

Lift Ratio Calculator

When we talk about being a good CrossFitter we talk about not being specialized   in one area, such as not being to biased to bodyweight or strength movements. When we get a bit more nit picky we want to not be too biased towards one movement within a particular domain. An example would be being […]

Do You!

Ok, quick disclaimer, this post pertains mostly to ladies, but stick around, I’m hoping you guys will get something out of this as well. So lets go back a few years…decades to my youth, I am Portuguese, and us Portuguese folk love to eat. (Some of you who have witnessed me wolf down a burger […]

Sweat Shop BBQ

  Big thanks to everyone that came out this weekend to the BBQ at Heather Farm.  Volleyball, badminton and spikeball, where all played in moderation, yet several of us where surprisingly sore the next day.  Perhaps less clean & jerks and more sport specific training in our programming?  We’ll see!  Check out more pics from […]

BBQ tomorrow and Upcoming Competitions

Don’t forget we are having a Sweat Shop BBQ and sand volleyball tomorrow, Saturday May 6th at 12pm at Heather Farms Park! Nabil will be cooking up some the meat and will be bringing beers. If a couple folks want to bring a couple side dishes to add on, that will be a great help! All kids, […]

Story Telling

In the past we’ve talked plenty about mental toughness! We’ve talked anywhere from making the small decisions that later turn into good habits, practicing self-talk to get you through that tough workout, or focusing on things you have control over and letting go of things you don’t have control over. But today I wanted to […]

Do I Have to Be Fit to Start CrossFit?

No. Absolutely no. No one-thousand times over. Having been doing CrossFit for a while, and now working at a CrossFit gym, I get the opportunity to talk to a lot of people about CrossFit who have never tried it before. Whether its a person just checking out the Sweat Shop, or a person I’m having a casual conversation with, […]

Keep Moving

Nabil did a great post on pacing yesterday, which if you haven’t, give it a read. Coupled with pacing, another helpful method of staying consistent on workouts that I have adapted over the years is moving from one movement to the next with minimal rest. Let’s use this coming Fridays workout as an example: Buy In: […]

Want to Improve Your Ability to Pace? Drop Your Ego.

For a while now we’ve been talking a lot about pacing.  And while often times this is in context of the CrossFit Open and/or those looking to be competitive in the sport of CrossFit, pacing is also important to those just looking to get in shape or simply get the most out of their workout.  […]