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Match Point in the Sweat Shop Swag Sand Volleyball League.

A little throwback Thursday post to the Sweat Shop BBQ this past weekend, and how much I enjoy playing sports outside! I played 3 games of Volleyball, 2 games of Badminton, and 1 game of Basketball. There were for sure some flashbacks to being a kid and having the energy play all day!

Now that we’re getting closer to summer, remember to find some time (or make some time) to get outside and play. All of us put in hard work when we come to the Sweat Shop, so just remember to use that fitness! What is the point of being able to do 20:00 AMRAPs, squatting crazy weight, pulling double your body weight off of the ground, or pressing some legit weight overhead if we never get the chance to really use it! (And I’m NOT talking about in competitions…you know who you people are). So here’s some ideas for ya’ll…

  • Hiking
  • Bike Riding
  • Corn Hole
  • Swimming
  • Disc Golf
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Smashball
  • Top Golf
  • Bowling
  • The ideas are endless!!!!!

So again, just a friendly reminder, remember to get out and play! Playing does wonders for our overall fitness and lifestyle, and in doing so, keeps coming into the gym fresh and exciting!

Side Note: Taneya is looking to put together a weekly basketball, volleyball, or whatever activity for the Sweat Shoppers soon. Get in touch with her and let’s get this thing going! No times, no prescribed weight (unless your Rikus and would like a weight vest), and no freaking beefy option…just playing!

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  1. DJ
    DJ says:

    Im ready to start the official Sweat Shop Bowling team. Requirements are a 150 average. Good post though definitely enjoyed all the activities at the BBQ!


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