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Fitness and Conditioning

I read this article recently and wanted to share it with you Sweat Shoppers on contrasting the concepts of fitness versus conditioning. One being more a “potential” marker of performance while the other is a skill set. While I think this article is directed moreso towards coaches, as athletes, having an understanding of this might […]

Push It

The push up is one of the most well known exercises you can find. The act of doing a push up, is essentially holding yourself in a plank position facing the ground, then lowering your body toward the ground by  flexing your elbows and extending your shoulders. After your body reaches the ground, you press […]

Skills: Before, During, After

These guys love working on skills before ,during, and after the party! Look at those faces! After our class warm-up and whiteboard briefing, you’ll often here the coach say, “if you need any modifications or substitutions come chat with me”. While it’s a wonderful opportunity for folks who need a substitution for an injury, these […]

Training Through Injuries

If I had a dollar for how many times I have been told or have read that CrossFit is dangerous, I would be free of all my student loans. The truth of the matter is any physical activity we engage in carries an inherent risk, you just have to make as much effort as possible to […]

Rest Days Mental Gains

We’ve heard it before, rest days are just as important as your workout days. Finding the balance can be tricky, if you’re an adrenaline junky like me. I’ve found myself training 10 days in a row without realizing it, only to feel my body and mental game struggling. In recent years, I have learned to […]

Biomechanics of Strength Training Seminar

Ok Sweat Shoppers, here is a great opportunity to work with someone extremely knowledgeable in human biomechanics.  Matt O’Neill, or as Bri likes to refer to him as, “Mobility Jesus”, is having a seminar at SPS in Oakland on Saturday Sept. 9th from 12:30-2pm for $30.   Jacqueline, Bri, Helen, Art and myself have all […]

Extra Credit

By now everyone has probably seen the Sweaty Swag board at the gym.  Originally intended to give props for personal records it has also been really useful for helping hold people accountable for extra credit work.  While James had the idea years ago of a “Extra Sweat-It” board, where the coaches would write up accessory […]

Strength Primers

We all know that a good warm up is necessary to have a good workout. We need to make sure we spend ample time preparing our bodies for the movements we are about to execute. This may include mobilizing certain joints, stretching or activating certain muscles, or performing drills to hone in technique for lifting. […]

Logging Workouts

I used to be diligent about logging my workouts. However, as of late, I can’t seem to get back into the habit of logging workouts on Beyond The Whiteboard. Even now as I’m writing this, I’m realizing I didn’t log today’s workout! I made it my monthly goal to log EVERY workout on Beyond The […]

Back Squat vs. Front Squat

Over the years I’ve gotten these two questions quite a few times.  “what’s the difference between back squats and front squats?”…. and, “which is better?”  Someone recently asked me this question again, so when I saw a post from Breaking Muscle, I decided to post it here on our blog.  My response to these questions […]