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2017 CrossFit Liftoff – Results

Helen continues to rack up some great finishes in olympic lifting!  Two weeks ago it was 3rd overall at the SPS Rite of Passage meet.  This time with the 2017 CrossFit Liftoff, which consists of a 1-rep max Snatch, 1-rep max Clean & Jerk, and a nasty 12 minute metcon.  Points are given for each, […]

Emotional IQ Podcast

I snagged a listen to this podcast on Emotional IQ after USA Olympic lifting coach, Cara Heads Slaughter, posted it on her social media page. Without copy catting every thing she posted, I think it’s worth the short listen as I really think it resonates to all. A LONG time ago on the old Sweat […]

Sweat Shop Spartan Race

This past weekend there were five of us Sweat Shoppers competing in the Sacramento Spartan Race.  This was an 8-9 mile run with 20+ obstacles along the way.  For four of us, including myself, this was our first Spartan Race. While the run wasn’t too bad for me, I was surprised at the level of difficulty […]

Bri & Helen Compete at Granite Games

This past weekend Helen and Bri competed in the 2017 Granite Games outside Minneapolis,MN.  This is one of the biggest CrossFit competitions outside of the CrossFit Games, which similar to the CrossFit Games does, held a qualifier that athletes compete in before moving on to the Granite Games. It was a pretty diverse test of […]

The New CrossFit Games

Look for a complete recap of Jacqueline’s weekend later this week from JB.  I on the other hand want to give my insight from what I experienced at the CrossFit Games with it being my first time I’ve been since 2013. Compared to Los Angeles, Madison was a cool little town, just a short, and […]

Fittest On Earth

If you haven’t yet seen Fittest On Earth, it’s an awesome documentary featuring games athletes and what they go though during the grueling 4 days at the CrossFit Games. Our very own Jacqueline is competing next week! I can’t believe it’s here already! If you don’t have the pleasure of heading to the Alliant Energy Center in […]

Logging Workouts

I used to be diligent about logging my workouts. However, as of late, I can’t seem to get back into the habit of logging workouts on Beyond The Whiteboard. Even now as I’m writing this, I’m realizing I didn’t log today’s workout! I made it my monthly goal to log EVERY workout on Beyond The […]

Sweat Shop Takes First at Brethren Throwdown

While we had 5 teams competing locally at the Contra Costa Throwdown in Concord (stay tuned for a recap on that later this week), Helen and I competed at an individual competition at Brethren CrossFit in Morgan Hill this weekend.  It was a really fun competition that among other things included a trail run and […]

Keep Moving

Nabil did a great post on pacing yesterday, which if you haven’t, give it a read. Coupled with pacing, another helpful method of staying consistent on workouts that I have adapted over the years is moving from one movement to the next with minimal rest. Let’s use this coming Fridays workout as an example: Buy In: […]