Bri & Helen Compete at Granite Games

This past weekend Helen and Bri competed in the 2017 Granite Games outside Minneapolis,MN.  This is one of the biggest CrossFit competitions outside of the CrossFit Games, which similar to the CrossFit Games does, held a qualifier that athletes compete in before moving on to the Granite Games.

It was a pretty diverse test of fitness which included among other things, a swim/run event, an event with stadium runs and sandbag carries (for Helen), a surprise 5am bus ride to a remote location for a trail run (for Bri), as well as your standard CrossFit affair…rope climbs, handstand walks, a clean ladder, etc.

Aside from greatly expanding their training to include a swimming, both Bri and Helen performed the workouts as well, or better than they did in practice… which can be very difficult to do given all of the added stresses and variables that come along with the game day competition.

Great job ladies!  I’m proud of you both!

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  1. Art Hoover
    Art Hoover says:

    Congrats! another great showing for the Sweatshop Women! Its been fun watching Helen and Bri both put in countless hours of work to be able to compete at such a high level! I know they motivate me to work harder!


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