Year: 2018

Weekly WOD Insight 1/8/18

  Monday  – Rx’d starts with A. then goes to B., ADV. & BEEF will start with Row,Ski or Bike For part A., I like this combo because as your arms get tired from the pushups or ring dips it really forces you to use your legs to get that dumbbell overhead, which is exactly […]

Audiobooks To The Rescue

Due to the recent holiday season and vacationing I have done, I do not have any controversial coffee topics or epic Star Wars information to share with you all. I do however have something that might make your commute or travels a little more bearable. Something I like to utilize whenever I am traveling for […]

Happy New Year! WOD Review

Happy New Year everybody! Time to ditch the hot dogs and put in some work! Hamburgers are totally acceptable though! TUESDAY The focus for today is on the back squat sets across. Take your time on warming up to your working weight.  Compare November 9, 2017 for sets of 7. They weren’t sets across, so keep […]