Weekly WOD insights 2/25/19


We have been doing more time trials recently and its been awesome to see a lot of PRs! I wanted to sue today to do a 500m time trial but to do it fresh instead of doing it after a lifting session or met con. If you aren’t able to go as heavy as you usually do on the squats since its okay! You’ll be fatigued from the row and may not be able to hit those usual numbers.
A.) 500m Time Trial
*Compare 9/14/18, 10/02/17*


B1.) Back Squat 
3x 7 ea side
B3.) Single Arm Dumbbell Row
3x 10 ea



I programmed this one a long time ago and was really pleases with how it turned out! If you’re someone who is still developing their double unders I would try to do them on Part A (don’t spend any longer than :45s on each set), but for Part C just go ahead and stick to singles to maximize intensity. Check back to see you old score if you can best it!


*Compare 9/24/18*


A.) 7 Minute Amrap
6 Squat Cleans 95/65 (adv 115/75) (Beef 135/95) 
6 burpees (Beef bar facing) 
10 Double Unders or 25 singles (adv 20 DU) (Beef 40 DU)


-Rest 90 seconds-


B.) 6 Minute Amrap 
9 power cleans 95/65 (115/75) (135/95)
9 Burpees (Beef bar facing) 


-Rest 90 seconds-


C.) 5 Minute Amrap
12 Deadlifts 95/65 (115/75) (135/95)
10 Double unders or 25 singles (20) (40)
*3 separate scores for part A, B, and C*



As always if you’re trying to dial in technique stick with the 2 on the minute format. If you want to do the advanced option, pick a weight that will challenge you, but you can still maintain good technique across all sets. The finisher should be very fast so make sure you select the appropriate weight and rep combo. If you want to mix and match levels thats totally fine and is encouraged!


A.) 14 Minute EMOM 
2 Clean and jerks
ADV option: 1 rep on the minute
*sets must be across at 85% of 1rm*


Shoulder to Overhead 75/55
Pull Up


Shoulder to overhead 95/65 (115/75) (135/95)
Pull ups (beef C2B)



Today is the one day its not raining! So I wanted to get you all out there and running a lot. If you’re a great runner and want to up the volume on the run you can go with the beefy run option. You can also mix and match, if you are a great runner but the beef weight seems heavy, stick with a lighter weight and add that running volume. Vice versa if you want the heavier weight without all the running thats fine too!


5 Rounds 
403m Run (Beef run option 603/603/403/403/403)
8 Power Cleans 75/55 95/65 (115/75) 
8 Front Squats 75/55 95/65 (@ 115/75)



Today is all about options! Theres lots of them whether you’re looking for midline or shoulder development. Talk to a coach to figure out which would be best for you. For Part B we will be working with the interval format. This always yields great intensity, especially when its paired with a longer rest than usual. Each round will be for time so be sure to push the pacing but be consistent.


A.) 6 Min Alt EMOM 
1- :30s Static hold Focus
2- 4-8 Inverted pull ups or Ring Rows ( Adv Strict Pull up) (Beef Bar muscle up)


Static hold options
Plank, Ring Plank, Ring Support, Box Support (L or tucked), L sit on paralettes, 2 DB overhead, Mixed Hold (1 DB overhead + 1 at DB side), Handstand hold


B.) 4 Rounds (each for time)
8 Box jump Overs (adv 10) 
12 Russian KB Swings 50/35 (70/44) (14 Am swings @ 70/53) 
12 Hanging Knee raises (adv 8 T2B) (Beef 12 T2B) 
8 Box Jump Overs (adv 10) 


-Rest 2 min b/t rounds-
*You will have 4 different times, one for each round*
Don’t forget to sign up for a heat time if you’re doing the open!



Don’t forget to sign up for a heat time if you’re doing the open this Saturday. And don’t forget there is only one regular class at 8 am!


20 Min Alt EMOM 
1- Max Calories Any Machine
2- 1 Rope Climb (adv 2) (Beef 2 regional or Legless)
3- Max Shoulder to overhead 95/65  115/75  135/95
4- Max Hang Cleans 95/65  115/75  135/95
5- :30s Dead bug (adv Hollow Hold)
*score will be Calories + Shoulder to Overhead+ Hang Cleans*




-Buy in-
800m/700m Row (adv & Beef 1000m)
4 Rounds 
12 Goblet Squats 53/35 (adv 70/44) (Beef DB Squat 50/35) 
10 Box Jumps (adv 12)
4 Rounds 
12 Dumbbell Snatches (adv 14 @ 50/35) ( Beef alt @ 50/35) 
10 Single Leg V-ups (Adv V-ups) (Beef 8 Toes to bar)


-Cash out-
140m Farmer Carry 50/35 (adv Beef 70+/44+)