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Big congrats to Bri for closing out her 2017 CF season strong at the California Regionals last week in Del Mar! As you all may know, Bri qualified for the second year in a row to compete amongst the best in California; a huge accomplishment in itself! So many try and so few make it and we are super proud to have her represent with the competition getting tougher each year. I had such a blast watching her throw down at the biggest stage with the Sweat Shop crew! I remember on Saturday and Sunday the venue was literally filled to the brim and had me juiced! While Bri can tell you her firsthand experience when you speak with her, as a coach, I was very proud of how she performed and handled adversity. It’s easy to overlook what happens beyond the tv/live feed and scoreboard. While I’m sure Bri will tell you her highs and lows, there was a special moment where she had to bounce out of a funk. She had a tough third event with rope climbs and rather than let that one event damper swag, she used it as fuel and fought back. She stomped her foot down 2 hours later on event 4, PR’d and finished a workout she tried but failed to do multiple times in practice! She had her best performance, after her worst. Seeing her win that inner battle is what competition is all about!

Great job, Breezy! Check out a little Q and A recap from her below!

Besides qualifying for regionals, what was your biggest training achievement(s) leading up until competition?

Definitely hitting my 1rm snatch four times during open workout 17.3. That energy was priceless in that moment, reminds me of why I love lifting so much!

How was this year at regionals different than last year? 

No barbell for barbellbabebri, so sad! Made me really appreciate last years programming as well as forced me to get weird with some different objects and skills! 

What was or were the highlight(s) of your regionals this year?

Finishing workout 4 with the kb deadlifts/t2b/handstand walks. I had attempted this workout twice in the weeks leading up to regionals and never quite finished. On the competition floor I kept telling myself not to rest in transitions and just go for it! The confidence payed off!

What was the biggest challenge?

Workout 3 with rope climbs. This has been one of my biggest weaknesses both physically and mentally. This workout got in my head before I even started and it affected my whole performance.

Who was the coolest fellow athlete to be around this year?

I loved having the opportunity to train with Sarah Hopping Estrella, Cassie Ann Ludwig, and Shannon de Peralta. I admire how each of these athletes are so humble in their talents and how positive they stay no matter what the outcome.

If you could program 1 regional event, what would it be? 

Easy! A snatch ladder with either handstand walks or muscle ups mixed within the workout.

What was the funniest moment at regionals?

Almost tripping and falling after my first round of handstand walks, I was so excited my my feet got ahead of me! And Dave Castro commenting that he was going to make posting a photo of me on his Instagram a yearly event!

What was the biggest surprise?

Just how amazingly talented all of my fellow regionals athletes are.

What things do you look forward to working on this year?

Getting faster, stronger (both mentally and physically) and turning my weakness into strengths. I’m looking forward to tackling more competitions and gaining more experience as well as that competitive edge.

Anything else you’d like to share with your SS community?

I friggen love my sweatshop family!! Thank you to all those who helped me train, watched me on life feed, flew or drove down to Del Mar, you guys are amazing!!! Thank you to Nabil for creating such a wonderful place to train and play. JB for helping my programming, refining my skills, and keeping me focused! And my hubby Marcus for putting up with my Crossfit obsession and eating chicken every night! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for our sweatshop fam!

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  1. Tara Swarts
    Tara Swarts says:

    Bri u are an inspiration to us a all at the Sweat Shop! I am so proud to know u. And u are also one of the most humble generous hearted athletes I have known!

  2. Nabil
    Nabil says:

    Awesome job Bri!! I had no idea Castro is such a fan, that’s funny! Also, in the top pic, Marcus looks like a male model.


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