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Warning: Mostly Unrelated to CrossFit

So as I have said before I am a huge fan of the website reddit and visit the site daily. Now before you discount the site because of what you may have heard from other people, I strongly urge you to try the site out yourself. Reddit calls itself the front page of the internet and thats exactly what it is. It is a huge collection of links essentially. But whats nice about it is you can find a small community called a subreddit, for just about anything. There are subreddits for DIY, world news, music genres, science, and even CrossFit.


Amongst many of the subreddits one of my favorite ones is called LifeProTips. It is essentially what it sounds like, it gives you tips for various things in life. It can give you tips on finance, cars, school, career, or even social tips. One of my recent favorite ones that I found (and I am sure a lot of people can relate to) is one on trying to select a place to eat with a significant other. Too many times have I gone back in forth hoping someone would make the decision and just let us eat. The tip I read was called the 5-2-1 game. In the game you give your significant other five restaurants, they pick two, and of that two you select one. Pretty simple and effective and will definitely save some time and frustration! Aside from silly tips Reddit is a great site for a multitude of reasons. Don’t believe me? Check out this article that was written about why reddit is an awesome site. Check it out sometime if you have some time to kill!

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