Mastering the Fundamentals

Joe M. hitting some weighted strict pullups

After doing CrossFit for close to 10 years I’d be lying if I said I’ve never had extended periods where I’ve been unmotivated to train.  And while there are a lot of things that can contribute to a loss in motivation, as well as many things to get you out of your funk and back into your regular training, the one I most recently discovered is focusing on the fundamentals.  While I’ve had many of the classes work on band assisted strict muscle ups (during the warmup), to help those working towards getting their first muscle up, I too have been doing the exact same exercise a couple of times per week.  While I can link several kipping muscle ups, I can’t even do one super strict muscle up.  So rather than working on trying to link more and more kipping muscle up, I’ve been focusing more on mastering the strict muscle up.  And while I still don’t think I’m quite able to do a strict muscle up, the added work on the fundamentals (the strict stuff) has had a positive side affect on my ability to do kipping muscle ups in a workout.  Best of all, for me, there is a renewed excitement in my training.  After years of simply trying to “go faster” or “do more”, I’ve found a new motivation in the pursuit of mastering the movements.  My message to you is this:  if you really want to get good, don’t wait 10 years to start working on mastering the movements.

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